Paintball Air Tank Show! What is the Best Air Tank for Paintball?

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Hodla says:

I am a average size 12 year old and I have a crap 3000psi now and looking to get a new one with a mini gs I’m thinking a 68 ci or a 50ci. does a 50ci have enough air?

anderson Carter says:

My friends azodin kaos is shooting once then the bolt isnt popping back into the cocked position. How do we fix it?

Paintyouup824 says:

You said blasted in the face…..

deadshot pb says:

+Team Insanity Paintball i’m shorter than you. im 4’10”. do you think a 45/4500 or a 48/4500 would be a good ideal for me by anychance.

Dre All day 15 says:

I’m getting the dye rize but the package that comes with it has a peanut tank I’m 5.1 with really small arms would that work good enough for me

Krampus69a7x _ says:

But I just want to say I love your guises channel I’ve been watching for a good two years and you guys have really help me

TronChris Vs Gaming says:

I use 13ci because magfed

Sebastian Bellosta says:

I say m so I can get more answers

XxJkatxX says:

you can easily get a used 68/45 for 75-100 easy

Vasili K says:

Very helpful video

Tommy Hoy says:

Can you make a 15 minute video of Betty Crocker cooking bc that would be anazing

Robyn Nesbit says:

what brand of the tank should I get

No limit paintball team says:

Is it sad that I have 7 empire tank 14 co2 tanks and 3 ram tanks and A small ninja tank

matt reedy says:

Hey team Insanity
I’m looking to start a team for some local tournaments with some of my buds, and I’m trying to figure out where I should play. I’m about 6’0 and have an empire axe. Where should I play at? In fairly good at being a back guy but fairly fast. Thanks

mercom nation says:

the peanut tank is for little kids


i use a tippmann a5 (sniper) what tank do i pit on it. with the line–

copostatus copo says:

48cubic inch / 4500psi

Tommy Hoy says:

U say “I mean” a lot

Felix W says:

I have the fuel 1,1 tank and i know its 300 bar and thats about it…


PhonicBeast says:

68 45 what?

Devin Carvalho says:

Pod pack show

Holzer says:

hey jake, any tips on making money? im turning 15 on the 19th of march, and taco bell, but i dont have a ride, but i can ride my bike… but riding my bike in taco bell clothes will be weird but they allow 15 y/o’s and when i ask to do chores my dad doesnt think i should be payed for them, its should be “normal” any tips?

Bloqz says:

hey man right now i have a tippman gryphon what gun would you guys recommend next for speedball after i get a good mask hopper and tank

Brian Acost says:

if im carrying my tank in a holder is that better?


whats the intro song???

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