Paintball Review Invert Mini, Dye Rotor, Ninja Tank, Freak Barrel and more

(update – This is my old setup. I now have a Ego9)
Showing my paintball gear.
1. Invert Mini, Stock Board, Voodoo Grips, Low Rise New Designz Feed Neck
2. TechT Gun Sav
3. Planet Eclipse Tech Flex Mat
4. Ninja 50/4500 Tank w/ Exalt Tank Cover
5. Dye Rotor (Gen 1) Black / White
6. Smart Parts Barrel Kit: Freak Back, 14″ All American Front, .687, .689, .691 Freak Inserts
7. Redz Envy 3+2+2 Pod Pack.
8. Vforce Grill White, Photo-chromatic Lense


eric held says:

where did you get the voodoo grips?

Luke Williams says:

u are not supposed to lube a delerian bolt

McCall Boy says:

@imogenhax Azodin kaos, but if i were you, i’d try to get the Blitz

Ryann Scottland says:

Have the mask in red and black with a red and black gun and dye jersey I’m all red and black lol

MrKdawg92 says:

Where u get ur grips. Every time
I tried finding either the voodoo or the invader grips they are all sold out.

tyebrinsf says:

im a begner I have a spyden imagine and bt pod pack and suit and mask and tank
I need help!

Hunter Hinkel says:

was it called freak autocokcer

Thomas Dunn says:

Is this for sale

Dylan Mavros says:

where did you get that lens you have for the grills

YamahaPro20 says:

You think that mask is comfortable? Try a sly profit.. you wont look back

Buferd says:

Actually it reminds of the grease guns that we used on tractors and cars. Smells like it too

xXPaintballMarineXx says:

where do you get that mat that he had the gun on

Buferd says:

HEY! haha

kennedy stanley says:

umm a paintball gun under 100$ id say may be a er3 or sumthin

chris grillo says:

anything for sale (specifically tank)

Trevor O'Reilly says:

This is exactly what im getting

david95721 says:

yo i want to buy the beraal freak kit messege me plz

Alex Matese says:

how does tht freak barrel work on the mini??? does it shoot ropes?

bronze942 says:

@ ToyotaBaller and 1 person thinks toyotas are “ballin”

tyebrinsf says:


Buferd says:

Already sold. They are great guns though

Buferd says:

Action Village

Buferd says:

It’s the metallic blue

guner1999 says:

They sell invert minis at walmart.

Christopher Lords says:

Lika boss man xD

wynnskittlez says:

If it was Techt it wouldn’t have a capital t at the end

Buferd says:

Chubby bro’s unite! Captain Planet rings and all!

Richie Allen says:

i can tell by your fingers that you are big and not good at paintball

Buferd says:

This is the official comment from Todd who started the company.
“Officially its “teched”. I know…it goes against what people think it should be. When I came up with the name….I wanted the slogan to be…

Has your gun been TechT (teched)?

It doesn’t matter how you say it I suppose. But if you want to say it correctly…its Teched.

Im flattered that that you guys care enough to vote on it.


darby puma says:

I want those grips man … I luv em

Dunnzo says:

2:30 Jack-off lube


HOLY FUCK!!!!! i have the halo TOO and im getting the G4!

Buferd says:

A Sony HDR-SR10

Buferd says:

I got it from Action Village online

Worthless Joe says:

Hey do you know if the Cyclone LP tank is fine with the invert mini? I cant afford Ninja tanks

Buferd says:

I started with a Spyder Imagine. Start by doing what I did and upgrade your tank to compressed air instead of Co2 if you haven’t done so yet. Then work your way up to a better gun and hopper etc as you save up

Jacob De La Garza says:

were did you get all this stuff

Shane Gunter says:

yo u are amazing
i think its great that u took such good care of your gun

kyle thomas says:

good video and please check out my channel thanks

Buferd says:

Action Village but they don’t make them anymore last time I looked

TopPB says:

Lol u said u had limited time 10 minutes but the video was 10 minutes 20 seconds but still great video. 🙂

minecrafttutorials says:

dye rotors are water proof 

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