SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun – Review

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BodyBuildinManiaK1 says:

and then the fact that you can actually pop the core out while in play is a huge minus


hi i got this marker from you guys and i read that you should ONLY use smart parts gr33se. mine came with the small, unlabeled lube case as the one you show here. is this safe to put on my marker ? is this the same smart parts gr33se brand im supposed to use? thank you for any help

John Milligan says:

Wow sweet ordering a purple one.

Paintball Noob says:

Is this the lightest Electro on the market ?

sandmanx187 says:

any pro teams shooting these?

Michael Zschach says:

Compared to Planet spare parts kit how good is this one?

Mikey salako says:

This is a favorite

Luiz Concha says:

shocker rsx or tippman crossover xvr. let me know which one is a better gun.

peytonjt911 says:

so SP does that stand for Smart Parts? if so are they coming back into business?

South Florida SURGE Paintball says:

should i get a shocker or a dm14

Christopher Richter says:

made in the USA ?

PelleyJ says:

Do you guys know when the other colors will be available to the public?

Reese Ryker says:

How do u sync ur hk tfx loader with ur HK Army Shocker RSX

marco alonso says:

yes their is a recall

brady collier says:

I’ll take that off your hands but you will owe me one

Sam Robert says:

Which one is better, Shocker RSX or Etek5? Currently have an Etek5 and love the way it feels but looking to get something better in terms of performance and all!

SkullCrusher914 says:

What is a good, cheap paintball gun for beginners that you would recommend?

Gabe Gonzalez says:


Jozz says:

Rory on ansgear it’s says that it includes new and improve firing can does it come with the old one as well?

Russian Dog says:

make a 360 view video of the etek 5 acid red please!

Chase Sanders says:

That new bolt system looks pretty similar to the IV Core

RJ Gaming says:

im in tournament lock how do you turn it off it does not say in the quick start guide

bosExpert1 says:

I bought mine and when i got home i realized the board was in spanish. Its easy enough to sort through the firing modes but does anyone know exactly how to change it to english?

Umbrella Corp says:

First to comment, last to get laid…

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