SP Shocker RSX review, unboxing, efficiency test (Shocker Paintball)

I review my SP shocker RSX after unboxing it, perform and efficiency test and show a little game footage. I was using a Ninja 68/4500 tank for the efficiency test, filled to ~3k. One note- I was NOT using the stock barrel and was using a large overbore creating a worse efficiency than with the stock barrel and insert.

Great marker, almost no kick. Very smooth shot quality and a trigger from the gods.


Sam Cruz says:

A bro wat kind of gun is good to start off I wann buy one u don’t have one for sale

BodyBuildinManiaK1 says:

why is the target where ever you shooting the gun a cross… smh. that’s wrong.

Austin Rue says:

Did you purchase your shocker from CC?

McGby128 says:

The smart parts hydra, where one head is cut off, two more shall take its place…

kyle jackimowicz says:

Why do they have you shooting at a cross at the chrono range?

Randall Coles says:

nice review but the front of the barrel is the “All American” porting

matt k says:

I’m 16 and really want to get into paintball more. I’ve been paint balling for a couple years. This year a lot. I have all the necessary gear but I want to upgrade my marker and really want a shocker. Me being 16 do you recommend me spending the $500 do get the shocker? I’m sure for the rest of highschool I’ll continue paintball. I just got a job at the local field so that’ll allow me to go more since now it’s a lot cheaper. Sorry for such the wordy response I just want to hear your feed bad. I love the shocker. Should I pull the trigger and buy one? Thanks man I love your shocker content.

ExelArts says:

really shooting the cross thats offensive to some people

Nicknt _Yolo says:

this ore the 160r

iostream90210 says:

VERY nice review sir 😉 and thanks for letting me do that side by side comparison with the 2.0 OLED Luxe. Great marker at that price…a real value.

Furious_Deer says:

How much is one cuz im thinking of a proto rail to buy not to expensive great narkers for the price so is this a bit better and more expensive cuz i need a new marker and want a speedball marker i had a tippman 98 but i broke it yes i actually broke a 98 but how much is this

Fittyboi TTE says:

open, for sale?

Alan_1212 says:

I’m not one to complain or anything but dude, you’re shooting a cross man. Really?

Brady W says:

Damn bro… Gotta work on that trigger walk. =P

Aaron Baca says:

Just ordered my green RSX today 🙂

xXFrenchyXx says:

I thought SP stood for Smarts Parts

Jstevensdk7 says:

Are you using the freak or some other barrell system?

G.I. Jace says:

what jersey are you wearing in the shooting portion?

Sam Cruz says:

A bro wat kind of gun is good to start off

pj says:

no soft bolt tip? :/

Morley Gosu says:

Honestly don’t know what sp stands for

Zachary Schott says:

I wonder if exalt’s luxe front grips would fit that gun…

PrestineGamer says:

Just got my shocker yesterday and had to leave as soon as I got it 🙁 BUT I had 9 pods left and I shot it with only 3500 and got all of it through, had I of filled it to 4500 I probably would’ve gotten 12

gabe butac says:

What is your bolt speed at

Andres Sanchez says:

I thought having high pressure these speedball markers is bad?!

Under barrel PB cam says:

68 hundred tank

RJ Gaming says:

Is there any modes on the gun if there is how to do change the modes or programming?

Mike McCarty says:

SP is Smart Parts

M F says:

Can you please elaborate one the grip deteriorating part? Just got mine this week and wondering if I got the newest grip? Appreciate any help

NME Binoo says:

What FPS were you shooting at during the efficiency test?

ReeanNeean says:

What tank were you using on that?

Darren Etengoff says:

why wouldnt you just do psp for the efficiency test lol. I bet your fingers were getting worn out with it being only semi.

The Great One says:

What’s a good place to buy let’s say a used empire axe ?

SUS Matthew says:

Luxe still gives you a better sounding shot

Alex D. says:

11 pods on a 68/45. not bad! 🙂

Sam Cruz says:

A bro wat kind of gun is good to start off

Jacob Parra says:

they have front grips now

Kyle Percival says:

Would you still recommend buying a shocker?

Sam Cruz says:

A bro wat kind of gun is good to start off I wann buy one u don’t have one for sale

SoCal Snipers says:

is this at jungle island?

Robbie Conneway says:

Sweet! Probably buying one soon. And you’re at the jungle! My teams home field.

NME Binoo says:

Have you noticed any problems so far with the Shocker?

Krazy-K Paintball says:

Is etek 5 better?

Jt Greis says:

is this the glossy black or the black/black/black?

SwissCheeseEm says:

68 cubic inch, 4500 psi. 6800? i wish


Move over Mike Phillips.

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