Tiberius Arms T15 Review By Hustle Paintball

Tiberius T15 – http://www.hustlepaintball.com/Tiberius-Arms-T15-Paintball-Marker
More Mags – http://www.hustlepaintball.com/Tiberius-Arms-T15-Paintball-Marker-Magazine-20-Round-2-Pack

Come and see why the T15 makes Dan mostly happy and a little sad.

Music provided by Zircon

Songs(in no particular order) – Darkness Beckons, Morsecode, Operative Pressure, Scars of the Past, Photosynthesis, Depth Charge


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Tyler Ririe says:

How did you get the Magpul Moe stock on there and redirect the air?

Guy Man says:

So how much does it cost? Give me the highest price I may find and the lowest if possible. Thanks!

Brandon Cano says:

How do you install the stock. I just got mine and it came with the the stock not installed.

Jovanii Hernandez says:

i got me one for my bday few days ago and u just helped me relize were my 2 extra mags could go in the case lol

easternbushytail says:

Can you put any AR forend on this marker?

aiden grant says:

A real AR that shoots paintballs ok then?

chitodog6 says:

I have s T9 and I love it. I just wish it was double mag like the DYE.

Sebastian Szczepek says:

t15 or milsig cqc????

Noc Tempre says:

Any chance you could get a follow-up on the long-term use of CO2 in the T15?

Trey Savitz says:

AR charging handle doesn’t return automatically.

Boudroux Wier says:

thank y’all now ima buy 1.

ashton fussman says:

on a real ar15 the charging handle doesn’t return soo

Christian Park says:

is he wearing a blue flash or blue ice lens?

David Rothman says:

how did you get that moe stock on

Gerund Lanada says:

which one should I get tippmann TCR or the T9

Ender Bartnik says:

please.. please reply… I have a t15 and love it but for big games where I’m refilling mags in game the stock tank gets a bit small. I don’t wanna fork out the 100 plus for a cats stock so I was thinking about plugging a remote line into the input of the stock tank but the cord from the remote line is then I’m my face, is there a way to rotate that input on the tank so it’s facing a different direction. prob seems like a stupid question so sorry but it would be amazing if you replied!

Zach says:

Why would you be worried about carying the paintball gun, they can’t say anything. Even if it was a real AR. If they call the police on you they can’t do anything about it. More people should be carying there ARs. You have every right to carry any gun.

Mag Fed Ops says:

I feel like it’d be really cool if Tiberius Arms or Milsig decided to make a .50 cal mag fed gun. Although it’d probably only be good for cqb and indoor use given they wouldn’t have the range of a .68 ball, You’d be able to have 27-28 paintballs in the same sized magazine. that’d be closer to the milsim ammo capacity…

Colby Barron says:

i feel like you regretted buying it after you said all the bad things about it.

Cpt. Fuck Nugget says:

Red dot and canted irons??? Reminds me of battlefield noobs using a coyote and canted irons on a dmr.

gamerguy u know says:

Which should I get t15 or tippmann tcr magfed

Peach Black says:

The Orings on the Bulkhead should be dry, so the Bulkhead sits straight in the Barrelsleave, if its loose you may become unconstant fps.

〈Bricks&Stones〉 says:

All of the cons basically prove that airsoft is more realistic. :p

TheReconPaintballMan says:

What barrel are you using on the Tiberius T15?

Amir Ali says:

Subbed. We needed this.

ejnf qwd says:

Dan do you still have your t15 I remember a while ago I bought your mags from you idk if you where selling the t15 at the time

Super says:

Wow, that’s disappointing.

TheOlem5 says:

What stock is that?

dustysquito says:

That carrying case is nicer than what came with my actual firearms. The corrosion issue might be a problem for people in wetter climates, but for someone living in the desert, you’d just have to occasionally rub a little bit of oil on the outside for storage.

Ian Dougherty says:

If you want something like your describing then get an AIRSOFT gun and play airsoft

Vinsanity_2000 says:

Should I get the t15 or 468?

Bert439 says:

Update the review we have full auto now! 😀

Jeremy Mancini says:

Where did you find that sling? I’ve been trying to find a dual point quick release that can be setup with a tie/wrap around on one end and clip on the other. Also, just picked up the T15 today- you’re review pretty much sold me! Thanks for the great review!

Sherlock Syndicate says:

actually, it isn’t as realistic as the real guns the british military use, they have these nifty rounds that are like a real bullet, but are non lethal, and are technically .50 cal paintballs… i’ve seen and shot them before, my father used to work with the military, and trained them in diving, and one of his students bought one and let me use it… it doesn’t get any more real than a real gun…..

Ben Redsell says:

Hey man, what vest you wearing Foran it come with the mag pouch

Mauricio carvalho says:

I subbed cause you present the video so well

Alex Fryar says:

Get some CLP and a brush. the Rust will come right off.

MarkOPSwimmer notHD says:

What were all the accessories you put on your T15? Also any recommendations for upgrades or accessories?


thesadstorysinterviewer says:

this is not available for sale yet, is there anything else like the T15 (Meg Fed and CO2 as Stock) with same realistic feeling (steel/metal made) ?

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