top paintball air tanks

Sorry for the bad quality. I am still learning the best settings etc.
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Thomas Griffin says:

This is just advertisement. If this guy wanted the viewer to get the most bang for their buck he wouldn’t pick the overpriced models. 

myles taylor says:

Do ANS air tanks expire

Charlie smith says:

Do a review on the empire mini gs

Oreb V says:

@proEdgePbTv john I haven’t seen u in the store lately

Katie Erickson says:

Do you host party’s

Ryver Lacy says:


Callum Whyte says:

Do you ship to the uk

boi says:

What about the gurila air pro sorry I forgot to spell gurila

Nappyhead says:

do you know where I can get a sports lasering for a dye dm14?

ZiNiNi says:

I love your shop 10/10

Nick Paris says:

i don’t think you should buy a tank based of your height.  I hate how he explains that certain tanks are for 6ft or taller or 6ft and shorter. Doesn’t matter how tall you are. People come in all dif shapes and sizes. Buy a tank that you are most comfortable with, or buy a tank that matches your play style. IF you play snake, buy a smaller tank so you can stay tight in your bunker. If you play back and your shooting a ton of paint buy a  bigger tank so you don’t run out. Simple as that. Don’t buy tanks based off sized and strength, buy of comfortability and necessity for where your playing. Thanks for the video i learned some things i didn’t know before especially the adjustable regs.

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