What To Wear Paintballing And Best Barrel Length – Paintball QT

Luke Bell – I have never played paintball, but I’m going in a few weeks, what kind of padding should I wear?

Kyle Mills – Gtek160r or RSX Shocker?

FMLN SALVI – What type of tank regulator should you get for your gun? Certain guns I assume are supposed to work better with certain regulators. Which should we get according to our gun? gtek, axe, pumpgun or high end marker?

Jeremy Hackett – I can’t decide what barrel length to get, what is the best size?

Hayden Joyner – I hear people talk about ramping a lot, can you explain what it is?

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Kevin0sweProductions says:

Hey man will your sell me a jersey I’m 3xl

Yuki Matsuoka says:

#PBQT I am thinking of buying a new paintball gun but don’t know what gun I should buy. Which one will you recommend for a beginner, Tippmann Cronus, Azodin koas 2 or spyder mr 10?

SamiDullard10 says:

Ramping killed paintball

Storm 1030 says:

I knew a guy who litterally tied a whole hoodie around his neck, wore a winter down jacket, wore a beanie and never took his mask off ever no matter where he went even if it was a safe zone like inside the store , he looked like he was dying from the heat ( in Kentucky humid summer)

Richard Rounce says:

What would you recommend to wear in summer paintball?



Tyler Andrew says:

Opinion on the torid x?

Eli Bullock says:

how can i change the output on a standered ninja tank

Shadow ninja says:

I got shot in the neck back in the day and half of my face went numb for like 3 weeks. Half my face didn’t work. When I’d smile only half of my mouth would smile it was pretty scary but everything went back to normal as time went by. Protect your neck!

Rumble Ron says:

I know you thought the tappmann project salvo was bulky and overweight but what type of barrel should I add to? And is a red dot sight a good investment?

Ryan Stevens says:

#pbqt I am going paintballing in a couple weeks and I don’t want to fill two co2 tanks one 20 oz one 12 oz what should I do

Hello Darkness says:

# pbqt

What do you wear when you go paintballing

Mike Willan says:

As an addition to the padding question. Cup, Cup, Cup. Or cover your berries with your pods.

QuickScope RSA says:

Padding is for the weak

E135 says:

#PBQT Airsofter thinking about dipping my toes into paintball for something new, looking for something that is relatively easy to tinker with, such as dropping it into a custom body of my choice as well as screwing around with internals.What would you recommend?

Josh Seguro says:

#PBQT DSR vs Gtek 160r

Adrian Marquez says:

i fuck with all ur supreme hats

John Evan P1 says:

Woot! More mini games!

Gavin Smith says:

What gas can should I get?

Bruce Wayne says:

How many supreme caps do you have? XD

Paul Phillips says:

Still a little confused on tank regulators. I’m coming from using a tippmann custom pro several years ago, and I’m trying to get back into it and I’m about to get an axe 2.0. So which regulator will I need, and why do I need It? Thanks

elizbutler says:

Do yo need a neck guard or a bandana?

Chris Sanchez says:

Can I use different co2 tanks on my paintball gun?

Jason Builder says:

I’m new to paintball what do I but I’m buying a tippmann 98 and need info on what to buy

minecraftvideo2547 says:

What padding. I would was some gloves because I basically get shoot in the hand every time I go and whole shit it hurts.

Zachary Chavez says:

How about a tippman, with a 3″ long barrel thread adapter, plus a 6″ long bore kit adapter, plus an A-5 22″ long barrel? Too long? ;-P I mean, I CAN make it longer by adding more adapters.

Allison Demarco says:

what is the length of the mini gs barrel because I have been playing for 1 year and I was going to by one??

badt2238 says:

U should have added knee pads.

dcptiv says:

Short barrel for snake, medium for mid player & back player has a long barrel. Snake generally has the least pods & back has the most.

Miguel Rodriguez says:

what is the best apperal to wear when u play paintball?

ian tvideos says:

I’m playing paintball in a few weeks what should i expect

Sage Spinner says:

Tippmann alpha black elite or project salvo

TRAVIS Gilmer says:

Can you do a tipman tipx review

Placid says:

I am going mag fed and I am getting a tmc should  get a tipx or t8 as a sidearm I was leaning more twords the tipx due to the more compact size and the co2 in the gun not the mag I would run a remote line any way. Any suggestions?

Chris 986 says:

You should do a video about what kids should were

Tommy Deliso says:

Who watches these videos even though they aren’t beginners?

Storm 1030 says:

Would it be okay to use a 800 output pressure ninja regulator on a mini gs?

Vincent Rossodivito says:

Looking to buy a mini gs what’s the best tank to look into without killing a budget?

LAP Shots says:

He looks like Arron Kyro

Matthew Ball says:

hey just wanted to ask if an e trigger is beter/worse than a response trigger?

B- Bros says:

What barrel should I use to make a sniper out of a 98 custom

ErikTheRandom says:

Paintball QT just getting a “starter setup” but not sure what compressed air tank to get for my tippmann Cronus or 98…

Plus would you prefer Cronus or 98

Outlawflyer78 says:

ok, so I just bought the tippmann Cronus and i am not digging on the fact that i can only get 248 psi out of it max, so, i am looking to perhaps get a longer barrel. I have seen so many including one thats rifled.can any barrel just fit any paintball gun?is rifled a good choice as well?

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