What will happen if you shoot charged 3,500 PSI air tanks?

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Johan Schröder says:

fucking maniac, police should take the weapons from you

Zachary Tarone says:

I know this is a year late, but those tanks are NOT $400…. I have the exact tank and they only cost about $100-$160….

siddharth hazarika says:

2:52 that was dangerous

William Cade says:


jacob carolan says:

I would have been way farther away. Like 250 yards with the high powered rifle. And standing next to a damaged tank with 3500 psi in it made my hair stand up!

matthew miller says:

Did anyone else see the bullet fly past him 1:30

hokanut says:

Holy carp…That could have ended badly. Glad nobody got hurt.

G Lopez says:

Genius you should see what a welding compressed oxygen tank can do ( did you see myth busters )

Bro Brah says:

now im scared of playing paintball.

Wand Erer says:

starts @ 2:45

Regidor Delarosa says:

Being hopeful didn’t help.

Sabi1234567890Asdf says:

What the fuck I just realized I unsubscribed somehow I don’t remember doing it

Jim Jensen says:

What brand shooting table are you using here? Looks pretty good.

VentuRoute says:

$400? I have one that is really good and cost £40!

Simple Chronology says:

When a safe distance almost isn’t safe enough…

Timothy Kiniris says:

They contain 3500 psi do u think 5 something would do it?

skyler salzer says:

The tank is out for blood

Tennessee Outdoors says:

Use two liter bottles that haven’t been open an shake them first lol

Vorname Nachname says:

Now set it at -3000 psi and shoot it.

John Borland says:

All I can say is wow!

Nick Aguilar says:

If you paid $400 for those tanks you’re not a smart man

Kieron Bevan says:

Just looked at a comment I left below. !!!????!! Can’t work that one out

Joey Carbajal says:

What would happen if you shot the center of the valve with a .22 lr

IG Gonz24 says:

Dangerous, but does seem fun. I am a hazmat technician, we use these and they can take 4500 psi. The shell is reinforced carbon fiber but if they rupture the right way they will shoot off like a missile.

leonardimas1 says:

you should place the tanks on the bottom, in the air the tanks back off and dangling back,so the full bullet energy has more difficult to project the energy in this tanks

John Gorman says:

150g .308 ain’t exactly plinking with a .22 Mr. .22 Plinkster HAW, HAW!!!- Well done, that was f$@king awesome man !!!!! Thanks mate, no I will NOT try this at home- or anywhere else.

Harley Me says:

he didnt expect that? uh.. 3500 POUNDS is a ton and a half of pressure… I’m surprized it didnt rip that piece of wood in half.. although most high presure vessels explode,
good thing you picked the carbon fiber tanks the steel one’s go off like 5 pounds of c4 poof.. and shrapnel big time.

Drax says:

I wish I had a 3500 psi tank. Tired of not being able to fill my Walther dominator .22

kenlum hemang says:

It’s dangerous

kenlum hemang says:

What is your distance

Itz Orn says:

Air guns are for pussies

Regidor Delarosa says:

At least 2

E. Scott Daugherty says:

Shoulda used 1/2″ rope…… good one

Jeff Mcmahon says:

Was hoping it was gonna pop when you were standing beside it and killed ya, so nobody would try this at home!

bumbum says:

the pressure inside makes them tougher…

Monorom Krich says:

Woah! The second try was wild!

Mark Perry says:

Now that area is contaminated with carbon fibre particles. MORON.

Esteban Rodriquez says:

If you continue to do videos like this, practice safety. Get some safety glasses at least, could have taken so many more precautions. Don’t encourage unsafe practices.

L-Series says:

Watch the rope on the slow motion. It’s whipping and getting twisted then whipping. Super rad

Cow Allanson says:

I was thinking about those explosions that steam engines would cause if the boiler was punctured just before you shot the tank. Might have been a good idea to have some sort of barrier to protect from shrapnel (or a whole bottle)

alastair john says:

the third tank did not explode due to the same principal as reactive amour.

Clarke Busick says:


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