Why Paintball Tank Burst Discs Blow – Paintball QT

Ruhkk – Can you explain what causes paintball tank burst discs to blow? Why does this happen randomly and what is going on with my tank when in occurs?

Nathan Ortiz – I love paintball, and have been playing for two years. I have played some division 4 tournaments and play every weekend. I want to go pro. I live in Tennessee and their aren’t any higher division teams near me. I’m not sure what to do have any ideas?

Nick Irish – what are your opinions on pros and cons of wearing a jersey vs regular long sleeve shirt? for the price is it worth buying a jersey or is it really just to look good?

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Please watch: “Valken VSL Hopper Review: Switchable?”


Troy W says:

well i think we are due for a CS1.6 is a week or so.

SubMjaso says:

Can u make please review on Dye M2 MOSair

Vopan Plays says:

I have an azodin blitz 3. Do i need to get an azodin barrel or can i get other barrels for it.

Jon Ellis says:

I normally use a jersey/pants just to have some thing to change out of after a day. dont want to get my car dirty lol. on that note, you can do that with any cloths. jersey and paintball pants normally run a little big so i can have shorts and an A shirt. only reason why i opted to buy a set.

Paintball Noob says:

I am getting a gun to play with my buddy around my woods. Which begginer gun should I get, the azodin kaos 2 or the tippmann cronus? If you think there is a better one, what is it?


Why do you act so weird in these videos?
Also say Sh-boom in your next video.

l ColdShark877777 l says:

#PBQT a paintball hit my nipple on my hpa tank and i heard it can blow up so I stayed away from it.
should it and buy a new one or just get a co2 tank

David Haight says:

#PBQT I have a Mini GS. What is the difference between adjusting the gun’s regulator as opposed to adjusting velocity?

Trey Henry says:

#pbqt why do solenoids break, and is there a way to prevent it?

Sleepyyyy21 says:

my jersey was 40$

HumbleProfitcy HD says:

#PBQT Great channel man keep up the great work, I’m looking for a new hopper and I can’t decide which one to get between the Rotor 2 or the spire 3 what’s your opinion between these two or do you recommend another one? Thanks

Ignite Paintball says:

#PBQT what is the best midrange pop it gun

Blobss says:

#PBQT I have old azodin blitz 3 but also have 200 dollars.. what should i get as a all around trade

Emperor Penguin says:

My HPA tank started hissing at 1AM , woke everyone up.

Tommy Deliso says:

I️ wear an Empire Contact Zero jersey and personally love it. I’ve only been playing for a year and nowhere near “pro” as everyone thinks I️ am when I️ wear the jersey. I️ just love how comfortable and airy it is.

La Cabana Restaurant says:

Can I hydro a Dye throttle from 05?

Franco Baggage says:

Best paintball youtuber ever. Thanks for all this videos.

ScrumGamingCrazy says:

#PBQT what’s a good (not expensive but not cheap) 14″ barrel I should get for my GOG enmey?

bored africans says:

Can you make a video or answer a question about how to bore paintballs using freak kits/barrel backs? Also you should make a video about under boring versus over boring. #PBQT

Alex Simko says:

Love your videos

Liam McNabb says:

#pbqt is there anything I should be worried about or bring with me if I am going to play in the rain? Electronics? Paint getting wet? A hat to cover my mask vents?

Evil GST says:

I initially bought a jersey because I wanted to look cool. I now just wear a t-shirt. However paintball pants are a must.

Jake Hord says:

What’s the best mask

Bear Thomason says:

#PBQT what are the pros and cons of a poppet vs spool valve? (gtek vs. etek 5)

Christopher says:

Used Luxe 2.0 or New Axe Pro?

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