Yong Heng Air Compressor 4500 psi For Paintball / Airguns

Yong Heng Air Compressor 4500 psi For Paintball / Airguns

Product description
High pressure pneumatic pump. 220V – 240V/50Hz (We could provide different charger plugs for a different country requirements – US plug, UK plug or EU plug by default) Can be used for fire fighting, airsoft, paintball, leakage detecting, pressure-tight test, automobile tyres, etc. Can’t be used for filling scuba diving gear. Superimposed double-cylinder two-stage compression. Quick air inflation for cars, lorry, trucks and other vehicles. If you need a demonstration video how to install and testing the pump please send me a message! Filling Time: 10mins per 1L tank Inflating speed: 2800r/min Noise: MAX 78DB Weight: 20.0Kg Power: 1.80KW Working pressure: 300BAR/ 30MPA/ 4500PSI Work flow: 50L/min Material: Aluminum Product size: 360*180*370 mm / 14.17*7.09*14.56inch Package size: 49*50*32CM



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Cristian zamudio says:

thinking about making the purchase but where would i be able to get parts just in case it has issues?

Arvil Matlock says:

Where do I get extra burst disk my compressor just arrived yesterday with no extra disk????

cmb scx10 says:

Wingman115, How is the pump doing after 6months?

Triet Nguyen says:

Hey I came across this post, looks great. Everyone is filling these up to the 4500 PSI but any time calculator on how long it would fill an emptyish tank (1000psi) to 3000PSI?

Omar Hammoud says:

Fantastic video John, great speaker

Arvil Matlock says:

Is there any paintball or other disk that will fit the yh?

Darryl T says:

They make a Auto Shut off in 110 (110V Auto Stop PCP 30MPa 4500psi High Pressure Paintball Electric Air Compressor)

Zachary Richards says:

If I’m wanting to use this air compressor to fill a scba what would I need on my scba to hook up quick connect I have a standard Scott scba for firefighting valve where do I buy adapter to hook up to the hose from air pump?

osbornephoto1955 says:

Do you have a procedure for turning this off and disconnecting the line?

Dennis Van Grol says:

Can I fill my PCP rifle directly?

Content Updating says:

I just tested my Yong Heng air pump, and it draws more than 17 amps while running and over 22 amps when starting! They must have left off a “1” in the manual because it’s rated at 1800W, so there’s no way it only draws 8 amps. I decided to test it because it kept blowing the breaker on my power strip.

Dale Bourgeois says:

Exactly where did you order this pump? EBay shows several different prices. how much did you pay wirh shipping, if I may ask? Thanks, Dale

Jason Etter says:

How much did you pay in import taxes? Or was that included in the price?

P. T. Anderson says:

I’m interested in your follow up video. Thinking about getting one of these.

Vladimir Andjelic says:

any issues with compressor so far?

Mike C says:

I’ve been a wing subber for years. Pumpers break barrels over& under leaver I watched the disco vid alot b4 the purchase. Needless to say if it’s has your stamp of approval I’m listening. Just seems really to good to be true but hey I have some great China guns ” for the money”.

Carlos Trujillo says:

Nice how much

Wm Napier says:

They do have a auto shut-off version in 110 Volts….

Arvil Matlock says:

Hello I just got one of these yh where do you get extra burst disk yes I blew one on first fill of a 90 ci /4500 thanks

Air Velocity Sport says:

Very Nice video. I have been a little hesitate to purchase on of these but you did a good job explaining this unit. Do you have an opinion on how this compares to the AirVenturi Compressor that sells for $1200-$1300? I’m leaning toward the Yong Heng but not sure on the longevity on this unit. I guess we will have to wait a few months to hear back from you. Thank you!

DrJones says:

Can you let me know how the yong heng has held up PLEASE herbjones419@gmail.com

Jose Garcia says:

Do you have an update video and durability I’ve been looking at getting one but keep holding off due to that matter and great video by the way..

Gary Stratton says:

I bought one of these. I paid for it and followed tracking to Littleton Colorado where it said delivered ! Problem is..I live in Daytona Beach Florida..I bought it from Wen Guan Technologies in Hong Kong. After 5 days now since it said delivered ..I am still awaiting a response. I think I lost my money. I will buy from somebody here in United States next time..I like the pump..I am too old to be hand pumping my 3000psi airguns ! So.. Got to save some money again and maybe have enough in a couple months.. I am really angry about this. There is also a part that reads not responsible for lost items.So.. I am screwed.

Ian Blackwood says:

The compressors are set for 30mpa (300barg) , I normally top up bottles to 300barg, but the overpressure bursting disc goes at this pressure, I see a few eBay details state it can be made to run slightly higher, any ideas on how to achieve this I only need 310/320 barg.

Content Updating says:

I just received my pump. In the manual it says to use a gasket on the hose. Did you put a gasket between the air hose and the pump? If so, which gasket are you supposed to use? Also, how do you keep water out of your tank, or does it matter? My garage air compressor always collects water inside, so I was wondering.

Jason Etter says:

How much did you pay in import taxes? Or was that included in the price?

Sell it now says:

I just got mine from ebay seller ….WorldTrade…ships free from Cali. 299 complete ,,here in 3 days Cleve Ohio.

Eric Park says:

Does your always start up right away? I just got mine, set it up, and it’s only gotten going once so far. It seems to try to start, then “seize up”, any ideas please?

James Mizer says:

Got my compressor this week…. no details on the unit. What is the maximum allowable temp on these compressors?

allan wilson says:

wingman115 would you please update us as to wether or not the pump is still working…how many times you have used it and what have you had to do to it in terms of maintenance etc. That would be great. thanks

Eric Park says:

Another newb question. What’s best way to change out oil? Can I suction it out or is there way to drain?

ronald walker says:

Could use for scuba cylinders if you use the proper air filter.

Jon Dee says:

You need to connect the probe from the thermometer to the small hole in the back of the cylinder head. This will then give you a more accurate reading of the pump temperature. Don’t let it get over 65 deg C.

Ross Champagne says:

Is your pump still working?

FixatorFixed says:

Does it filter out any moisture from going into the tank? Does it come with the connector to connect to hpa tank?

therion xxx says:

What king of oil i have to put into this?

Rick David says:

You can’t beat it price wise.
The digital thermometer was screwing up on mine and they sent me out another one.
No problems. So far so good

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