2012 Kingman Spyder MR100 Pro Semi-Auto Paintball Gun and Package Kit – Review

To get one of these 2012 Kingman Spyder MR100 Pro Semi-Auto Paintball Guns visit: http://www.ansgear.com/searchresults.asp?Search=2012+Kingman+Spyder+MR100+Pro+Semi-Auto+Paintball+Gun&Submit=Submit

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Kerri Ward says:

and also this gun is good cuz I got it for christmas and mine was shooting about 200 -250 feet

D3M0NK1LL3R5300 says:

I wanna go with an empire pump gun… but they’re really expensive. This spider mr100 looks to be around $100 or more or less… I’m guessing it depends on where u get these guns. So the mr100 pro pack is what imma stick with. Just need some other things, and like if there are any paintball breaks, I’ll have a squeegee thing to clean it out.

Isaac Ehring says:

What’s the range of this marker

aids says:

is this a good starter gun?

Alex Yim says:

Do the co2 tanks come full or empty please reply

Alexander Sohn says:

If you buy just the gun, can you use a different brand tank such as a typmann 20oz tank.

Roger Homesville says:

What is the material? Thank you.

AJK 1548 says:

are there any downsides to the mr100

Guerrita 20 says:

Which one do you recommend me to buy? the Mr100 or the ATS+, I am staring at paintball and I don´t know which gun is better

Jan Rivera says:

How do you change the speed ?

ThatBigBoi420 says:

Is this a good first gun

Kerri Ward says:

why don’t they allow barrel plugs?

Dylan Lauwers says:

would a sight on the side be viable?

Scott Rogers says:

Because it is simi automatic dose a election hopper make it automatic

theM4TEO says:

Mr 100 pro or tippmann cronus tactical ? 😉

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