5 Must have paintball accessories | Defcon Paintball Gear

Never get caught off guard again. Alex goes over the 5 must paintball accessories that every paintballer, seasoned or beginner need in their gear bag.

Product shown in this video:

Exalt Carbon Universal Mask Case : https://goo.gl/JIu9a3
Exalt Barrel Maid : https://goo.gl/R443Ej
HK Army Ball Breaker Barrel Sleeve : https://goo.gl/KA4xuP
Exalt Tank Case : https://goo.gl/jsJOrq
Empire Oil : https://goo.gl/xeZN9A
Planet Eclipse Grease : https://goo.gl/TJwWlU

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Zom-B Bunny says:

……mask protection so what happens when it gets hit with paintball… the maid thing is cool.. lol my marker condom is made from toilet paper tube and duck tape…. my tank is made of metal I don’t think it needs much protection except my cool spray paint but other than that MEH not much learned

ninja frost sword says:

100th comment!

Stefone Jukensones says:

a place I went to has a barrel blocker built out of PVC and rope

Austin Hauck says:

For the barrel maid the best way to use it to get a good clean is to take the barrel off and run the fuzzy side down first and pull through, this is the only way to get a nice clean with the maid.

jake walker says:

A frickin mask case! really dude how is that a must have accessory?

giannis kouzakos says:

i dont think that an air tank case is a must but a hopper case is a mast because hoppers are plastic and they break very easy but the air tank can be stored between your jursay or elbow/knee pads and it is more than enough.

Solo Punish says:

is there a good Web site to buy gun and a tank?

Him Sir says:

can you please do a video on how to oil a Tippman gyrophone

Psych0 bearz says:

Bull fucking shit I need a separate case for my air tank.

Michael Coffey says:

I have a dye barrel cover

Kevin Clements says:

Awesome video when are you going to have gameplay video

Candain Boy T.V says:

well u need a gun…. lmfao

Matthew Duffy says:

this guy looks like Nigel from rug rats

andrew d says:

I love how most of these things just HAPPEN to come from exalt

mask case and tank case are not needed. grab a thread saver for your tank threads and just be aware of where you are packing your mask in your gear bag, wrap a towel around it, you should be bringing a few towels to the field anyway. Ive been in the sport for 12 years and have never so much as scratched either piece of equipment and have a 80lb gear bag that is stuffed to the gills. If either of those things were actually needed I should have damaged my equipment by now without them

I will agree with the rest of the list though

shawnriv9 says:

Will a typical barrel condom fit the Tippmann Wide Barrel?

Tommy Terski says:

why would you get a tank case if you’re going to be playing paintball and it can easily get shot and scratched?

Buttstinky says:

Can I use my granny’s anal lube to clean my gun? Or do I need to get paintball specific lube?

K!NG G3ORGE says:

Is all that a necessity if your a budget baller

Michael Scott says:

mask, gun, hopper, tank, paint. thats all u need fuck that fancy shit

Samuel Gonzalez says:

Tank case is not needed, however you do need a thread protector for the tank threads

The Terminator says:

How about something to protect my testicles ;-;

KOilithya says:

People in the comment section are pretty dumb apparently. This list is dumb too but I won’t talk about that. BARREL COVER. Jesus. You say none of this is a must have except the lube or the barrel swap but forget the literal mandatory piece on this list for every regulation paintball field BARREL COVER. AND FOR THE IDIOT THAT SAID HE USES A TOULET PAPER TUBE WITH TAPE YOU’RE A FUCKHEAD. SPEND $5 AND GET A REAL BARREL COVER. rant over.

Pladimir Vutin says:

What about a neck protector?

Samuel Gonzalez says:

Or you can just run the barrel maid all the way through once.

robloxdude93 says:

how much do these cost?

stupiddumbtard79 says:

be nice if exalt made a case for big air tanks. i have an 88 its killin me i domt have a case for it. maybe something to store a box rotor in.

Juan carlos Garcia says:

I just bought this used paintball gun, im a noob but when I first started using the gun it was working perfectly but then an hour later I was putting the air tank back in to use it again it started leaking like craze through the barrel of the gun, please help me

Jose Estrada says:

You look like romanatwood! And great video this really is a list that would help all paintballers to protect their very expensive gear! But i wish the paintball tank cover was in a different color sadly I only find carbon fiber green or all white.

Nightmare PB says:

Mask cases are great, unless you have a GoPro attached…
Barrel Maid… Oh god yes! I have 3 of them in my bag!

Jimmy Tolle says:

would you recommend a barrel plug or a barrel sock, cover, sleeve whatever you want to call it

TimTam Slam says:

Why the fuck do you need a mask holder?


Really none of this is must haves. Except for the oil and lube.

TronChris Vs Gaming says:

You for some reason remind me of a better look Dwight from the walking dead show

Learning The Wild says:

what king of mask is it

oHIGH RISEo Gaming says:

You need none of these except the barrel swab… Who is this video for? Most guns $300+ come with a great barrel cover and grease. Also, with the barrel swab, you just run the whole thing through, rubber end first (I guess unless you’re mid game). You don’t run it through half way to stuff the paint further into the chamber. Nice video Exalt rep. :/

wpkjaguarpaw k says:

Not sure if a tank cover is necessary because it’s an extremely tough piece of carbon fiber that is going to be banged around when you play more than in your bag

Robotbacon7288yt Yt says:

How do you lube the gun

Robert Phillips says:

So you put your tank in a case when you drive to the field, but then dive through dirt, rocks, and hit branches. Yet your leather seat may hurt them?

ThatOnePug 15 says:

I have a paint squeegee will that work good too

BaseballHeatVlogs says:

All this special gear u shouldn’t buy because it’s a waste of money

TheDiamondDopeKing says:

U look like roman Atwood’s long lost twin

Skate Park pros says:

Got it thanks

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