Airsoft AWT Armor Warrior Tactical G4 protection unboxing and review

It has been a month long wait for this helmet. Here is my unboxing and review of this product from JK ARMY. Check below for a discount code and link to the product from the J.K.ARMY website.
Use this code: AirsoftMikeJKAWT

Direct link to product…

NOTE: No real fogging issues because it is not sealed to your face around the eyes and the helmet has plenty ventilation, so if any fogging does occur, it clears almost immediately.
There is plenty room to wear glasses inside this helmet.

Goggles Impact Resistant: ANSI Z80.3
Multi function helmet set includes protective lens, mask, rails and NVG mount plate.
ABS construction
Adjustable liner kit.
20mm rails on both sides, perfect for a flashlight, camera etc.
Breathable mesh mask with full protection for your eyes, face and ears.
Adjustable mask position


Sammy Samdals says:

I bought this and I can’t aim down sights at all

Bobby Richardson says:

Where do you get replacement lenses and what would be the cost if they failed?

Suckmyballz Gameplays says:

I dont like playing with these ppl that go to a field looking like they are about to play fucking Halo. but the WORST of all are the faggots that go dressed as anime cunts or wear stupid gear like panda hats or unicorn helmets to play airsoft. its not enough to have these costume wearing faggots ruining good shooter games like CS.GO now they have to bring their retarded faggotry to airsoft too…

Gee Kinght says:

Can you fit ear pieces in it? Do you think this can be used for mountain biking?!?

VoRTeXPB says:

is it good for paintball?

Smurf Airsoft says:

Grate vid how have you found it with your glasses and any fogging ??

Cameron Harvey says:

I bought mine for paintball

Gunskayaksdrones says:

Im glad I found your video. I was looking for a helmet system that accommodates prescription glasses.

the doge pupy says:

You can’t look down a sight though

timeframer says:

does it feel cheap and plasticy or does it feel nice and solid?

tyler connell says:

Can you order this with normal shipping from the us

Ömer S says:

Is this type of mask+helmet combo suitable for paintball (not airsoft) as well? It really looks great and the specs sound like it secure, but I’m not sure about eye safety.


so glad you done a review on the helmet system as a glasses wearer too was worried about space

Brian Worden says:

Was looking for a helmet because last time I played I was peppered in the head when out 5 times by the same person and was starting to get pissed because my hand was up only holding my gun out of the mud and yelling that I was out than someone eles that was out was helping by yelling at the person as well.. and was like if it happens again just shoot back. Saw this on ebay and was like shit this might be the best option because it covers everything and I will not have scabs on the side of my head ahaha.

Warhero's Gameing says:

This is badass

Jelle YT says:


Ghoster926 says:

A dose it fog up

InsaneBassNinja says:


Poison 101 says:

That is lit

Jackimusmaximus says:

How does it do shouldering the weapon?

Pat Fenis says:


Juan Carlos Castellanos says:

Is it possible to replace the lens?

Samurai Flamenco says:

It says the code is not valid im trying to get this helmet but cost $100 because of shipping

Alda says:

just got mine recently as well. really cool only prob up here full seal us required and I guess these don’t count as full seal 🙁

Gabryś Mermer says:

Could I fit headphones under this helmet?

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