All About Paintball Elbow Pads: Sizes, Padding, Protection!

Finding the right elbow pads can be daunting….Lets talk about some different options, and what to look for when you’re picking out your new arm armor.


Elbow Pads In This Video
Exalt FreeFlex Elbow Pads –
HK Army Crash Arm Pads –
Dye Performance Elbow Pads –
Planet Eclipse Core HD Elbow Pads –
GI Sportz Elbow Pads –

Paintball Gear I Use
Planet Eclipse Gtek –
Ninja SL 77/4500 –
Virtue Spire 200 –
Planet Eclipse FR Barrel Back –
Empire E-Flex –
GI Sportz Race 2.0 –

Video Gear I Use
Sony a6500 –
Rode Mic Pro –
Sony FE 28mm f/2
Manfrotto 290 Xtra Fluid Tripod –
Newer LED Light Panel Kit –
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD Card –

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Trying to catch a Fish tv says:

Can’t decide wether or not to get the tippmann Cronus or azodin kaos 2 what do you think I’m a beginner

nflguy10 says:

the gi elbow pads are hands down the best for snake players. plus you get SO many bounces off of them. I’ve had so many bounces it’s ridiculous

frankie g. says:

Do a knee pad video! Keep up the great work.

Rob Phifer says:

The cheaper Exalt elbow pads are awesome.

bob says:

Can you do a video on knee pads.

Julio Velasco says:

#PBQT will supreme hats ever stop making guest appearances on the show? Find out next time in PRML

paintball wizard says:

what one had all protection for your amr for a good price because I almost get shot they are lot in speed ball

HTR IOUS says:

Is there a preference on what batteries to use on markers? Best consistency or battery life?

awebzz says:

what about bunker kings?

Chase Williams says:

What size were your Dye Pads?

Seth says:

Hello I’m a taller player and I have the PE Core elbow pads but have been noticing that the “core” or the actual pad (where it is designed to bend; at the circle) is not actually where my elbow is… are there any elbow pads designed for taller players?

Samatosh says:

The statement about prices being “55-60 Dollars” and nothing higher or lower sounded a bit strange, but after looking them up seriously that’s the price range lol

Juan says:

I really like the tbd pads and the empire neo skin

Jose Liera says:

Chest padding like the hk crash chest protector and the dye one.

Oscar Rivas says:

When it comes to bounce shirts in competitive paintball, are players allowed to use them or only knee pads, elbow pads and slide shorts?

robloxdude93 says:

say yoo want pads but you can’t afford them what should i do #PBQT

Allen Jun says:

can you also review the Pbrack one?

james coutts says:

what Marker is that on display in the background? + what are some marker models that feature camo appearance (exluding milsims and magfeds)

Zach Chirch says:

shoulda thrown some kneepads in here. so kneepads vid??

2007450rcrf says:

Good stuff as always!

Dominic Mazza says:

Can u get tickets for nxl events

robloxdude93 says:

how do you look aggressive on the field at a low cost #PBQT

Lukas F. says:

the HK army stuff sucks… bought shredders… lifed for ౩ month. bought gloves… lived for 3 tournaments. bought the armpads… handpart ripped off after one day of practice

matt schuller says:

those are hk crash pads… just sayin lol

pballer80 says:

So watching the video, the Empire pads were mentioned but not shown. After speaking about the HK Army ones it “skips ” per se and goes straight to the Eclipse pads, with a mention of the Neoskin Empire. But nothing shown about them.????

David Lowe says:

I have those GI slider pads. Keep being awesome and don’t get shingles, Brad.

TheHDPhantom says:

Can we start a reply-chain to this comment like “I wear ___ size jersey and I prefer to wear ___ size elbow pad?” I don’t have a pro shop or anything at my field so I have to order some online, but don’t quite know what size.

osacr sanchez says:

I just bought this set up and wanted to know if it was good enough for a beginner
etek 3 120
halo too 20
tippman 48ci/3000psi 20

Joseph Hernandez says:

That is the HK Army “Crash” Elbow Pad

Mr Hines says:

what are your thoughts on knee and shin pads?

Random PB says:

HK Army sucks, they are overrated

kuban mangos says:

forgot the empire neo pads

Jochem van Wittene says:

Hi Brad, How about the Bunkerkings royal guard elbow pads. You didn’t mentioned them at all, why? The comfort is really great but I’m interested in the durability….

Cdogg2001 says:

bro, the pe hd core pads are the best. I play snake most of the time and I love them.

Cameron Harvey says:

I was wondering this is off topic but I have money to spend and I was wondering what kind of scope I should get

RoomierLight says:

How much does used elbow pads effect the performance cuz I just got very used and beat up exalt thrashers that on one some pads are missing will it change the performance a lot?

Kawlk says:

Hey man quick question. I’ve never tried knee pads, but do they slide around or need constant adjusting? I am on my knees most of every game..

Amber Haggerty says:

Great videos! Always look forward to watching them! Would be great to see a review of the MacDev marker. And some playing tips on different positions. Keep up the great work!

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