Always Use Protection! – New P.I.G. Gloves and Other Protective Gear! | Airsoft GI

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Protection is important. Especially on the airsoft field, and since we got some new Patrol Incident Gear in, we thought we would cover some the basics with the new gear. Be sure to check the gloves and gear out, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

PIG Gloves:

Lancer Tactical Goggles:

Hakkotsu Lower Face Mask:

Hatch Knee Pads:

Under Armour Boots:


Michael MacConn says:

I bought a pair of those gloves a while back and while they are very comfortable they didn’t even last for 2 weeks while wearing them just casually for a couple hours a day walking to and from work in cool weather, not even while doing anything physical with them. They ended up sending me another pair and they did the same thing. In the end they ended up taking them back and refunding me. I cannot recommend them.

Chet W says:

I like this soundtrack. 🙂

Charlie Lauria says:

What gun is he using in this video?

Charlie Chong says:

I wouldn’t think those gloves would help the impact of BB’s hitting your knuckles. 

Adam Airsoft says:

Does anyone know if this setup would be good for recording with a gopro instead of a contour?

John Smith says:

Sponsored by Condom Outdoor

Sorry guys, just couldn’t resist. Not trying to be rude.
Good video 🙂

shoutingforha says:

Daniel, who do you think makes a better m4? Vfc, kwa or g&p? By the way I am one of Lucian’s friends.

jared sword says:

Haix boots are the best

Mr.Nibbles says:

I don’t always use a face mask but when I do I always forget it back at home

Max Simeck says:

every one of those masks is discontinued.

Robert Phillips says:

Nice Video!!!

Yes PAPI says:

airsoft grand island

RWMilSimGC says:

I have that same mask. It also works really well with Arena Flak Jak goggles, or ESS goggles. Other goggles don’t really fit well with that mask. 

Shalev Lavi says:

what is your gun type that you play ??

anecdotalsea1 III says:

PIG vs mechanix?

Omg I am the 1234567890 says:

What kind of mask would you use for a sniper

Teeej says:

Those cat photos doe.

Sebastian Villa says:

Great review! Would you recommend those gloves for photography?

Om Aranda Stinnett says:

What about condoms?

Jar Jar Binx says:

Now I know my fask fits a Iron face XD I dont care about gloves

EliteHero36 says:

I prefer the face mask Jet from DesertFox uses better than that one…

dylan burch says:

hot head

Bootskoot589 says:

All I know is based on stuff he’s said on other videos and live streams he just payed virtually the least amount of money he could for fave pro xD

Deadlyburrito408 says:

What shirt and pants is he wearing?

griff751 says:

Dem cats doe

Michael Bolchalk says:

Get off ifunny Daniel

knaak says:

Neoprene works better for aiming

A. K. says:

Nice video, very helpful. Whats the name of the boots ?

Brady's Effects says:

Always wear protection… on the airsoft field.

Ethan Emilio says:

Dis killa… with that mp5…

Yes PAPI says:

airsoft grand island maybe?

knaak says:

I see what you did there Daniel

Garret Burgess says:

What is daniels last name or email

Mitchell Chaney says:

found these gloves when they came out for real steel, been using PIG for a long time. its a shame that now every kiddo is going to have them without the knowledge base on what these were actually designed for…

xXblueman23Xx says:

Why don’t you cut out part of the mask and replace the cut section with metal mesh? It’ll still fit good and be more breathable.

Matthew Andoni says:
Wonginism says:

I really like Bob’s Milspec Monkey cool guy deluxe hat. Lots of Velcro no holes and integrated ear plugs with winding and sleeve/pocket for them.

Есп says:


Matthew Andoni says:

Do you wear a helmet

Denis Селимовић says:

Should I use condoms while playing airsoft?

Sam Arnold says:

I have the same googles and they dont fit me very well. If you have an asian-shaped face like Daniel, I imagine they’re fine. Otherwise, they are short on top of the eyes

KevTheHunter1 says:

What would you recommend for covering your ears? In SoCal, SC village wont let you airsoft unless you have all of the essentials, plus something covering your ears.

anecdotalsea1 III says:

So honest!

THeAZNBoys1 says:

Lol I saw the title and immediately thought of condoms

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