I have been waiting for something like this for some time! And now it’s here! Thanks to JK ARMY who sent this in for me to review and test! Check below for a direct link to the product from the J.K.ARMY website!

Watch my new even harder impact test here!

Direct link to product

NOTE: No real fogging issues because it is not sealed to your face around the eyes and the helmet has plenty ventilation, so if any fogging does occur, it clears almost immediately! Full update after a few games coming soon!
ALSO: There is plenty room to wear glasses inside this helmet!

Goggles Impact Resistant: ANSI Z80.3
Multi function helmet set includes protective lens, mask, rails and NVG mount plate.
ABS construction
Size L with adjustable liner kit.
20mm rails on both sides, perfect for a flashlight, camera etc.
Breathable mesh mask with full protection for your eyes, face and ears.
Adjustable mask position
The impact resistance of the lens approx. 420 FPS (at very close range) a much higher FPS resistance confirmed from a longer more realistic gameplay distance!

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Kalvin Mareme says:

does anyone know if this helmet can stand against paintballs shot at about 300fps?if anybody knows please let me know

zZLOCOZz says:

Imagine this helmet with the EVS Hud attached to it.

Cody 0013 says:


Stuart Hickie says:

Are you able to wear normal glasses as I need them to see

Mathhre Estrvz x says:

Can you use it for paintball???

HyunJun Lee says:

Do you know if the product is possible to buy without the helmet?

Jessica Alas says:

where do u get this stuff

strehza says:

airsoft mike 2.0 has very nice eyelashes….

Croptic NiNjA says:

OK so it’s 65$ and it costs 90$ to ship wtf

Stewart Tomkinson says:

good for zombies

Jed Sanford says:

Would you recommend it for paintball?

Alex H says:

I see this mask everywhere and on amazon, THEY ARE A 100$!!! It is not very worth it

U wot m8? says:

Im getting it

Dpt0401 PzT says:

can I use it for paintball

DutchiePB says:

Is it safe for paintball

Oscr M says:

This is for paintball only ?

Theo Hensey says:

Just got this helmet as a gift. Love it. Best I’ve ever seen

Cody Williamson says:

I need a helmet like this that lets me wear my glasses. Any Suggestions?

Piers Brown says:

I was wondering, how easy is it to rest your head on the stock of a gun and aim using a red dot or scope?

Rick Mode says:

Does it fog up. Thats the question.

Imados 009 says:

Nicelly done

arc11793 says:

I want your wall so much.

Dubekko says:

That looks so dope but it won’t match my loadout

Cameron Harvey says:

I bought it for paintball because it says it was good for paintball too

Rúben Soares says:

seems cumbersome

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

i have a problem with this helmet . I cant put the grid protection back in the helmet ! Any tipps ?

VoRTeXPB says:

super good review

flyhighdakota75-80 says:

when are u going to do a face reveal

monkeyz says:


Red Beard says:

Ok I just went paintballing today……… They told me it is not allowed because it has mesh on side. But I have learned you can convert it to a paintball helmet by buying paint ball sides. Ps sorry to all the airsofters about the paintball talk

Nice says:

Does it fog? Like are the lenses Thermal?

Ganchy says:

Hi Mike, so I recently bought this helmet and my head is sorta small. It falls too low on my head so I have to look down to see. Even after using the padding and tightening the back as much as possible it still falls when I run. Any suggestions to help? Maybe something to put in it?

Ron's Electrical says:

only problem i see with that is theres still mesh around the eyes. Needs to be full seal around eyes. Can goggles fit underneath this mask?

C. Connor says:

How is fogging? does it fog up much?

Алексей Ерохин says:

a very narrow view of both the ballistic mask

Ömer S says:

Is this type of mask+helmet combo suitable for paintball (not airsoft) as well? It really looks great and the specs sound like it secure, but I’m not sure about eye safety.

Eric tucker says:

Oh boy

NeoNGreeN NeonColors says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) what he repeats the oh boy 5 times XD

somthingsquishy says:

Can this be used for paintball as well? I don’t see why not but I want to be sure.

ericjohnny says:

Can this be used for paintball as well?

blackpirate says:

Can I use this helmet for paintball?

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