Best Beginner Paintball Gun Setup For $200! – March 2017

Best Beginner Paintball Gun Setup For $200! See the products in the links below.

Beginner Tactical Setup:

Tippmann Cronus:

Dye Proto Primo Loader:

48/3000 Air Tank:

Empire Helix Mask:


Beginner Speedball Setup:

Azodin Kaos 2:

Dye Proto Primo Loader:

62/3000 First Strike Air Tank:

JT Premis Mask:


Sparkyhellion says:

ive been playin for over a year i have an empire axe an dye lt-r a dye i4 duel pane lens thermel :3


i have heard so many critics saying the azodins are horrible guns and not to ever buy them…

FaZe MAY I says:

great vid I watched the stupid Andrew paint ball bid and I want to jump off-campus bridge

JoshuaHalo says:

Thank you my friend got me into paintball and I was looking for my own gun instead of rentals

Eric McNalley says:

I love the look for the azodian Kahos I don’t have one but is it good??

Filip Katila says:

Can you do This but with 500 dollars

roblox channel says:

thank you, i think i gonna buy the cronus package

Epicgamerguy says:

im canadian what would you recemend im 11

Pointless Videos says:

Here’s a great beginner setup

Empire 24 oz co2 tank

Dye Jetpack 3+4 harness [pod pack]

Azodin blitz 3 [paintball gun/marker]

Valken v-max plus [loader]

Empire helix paintball mask thermal lens [mask]

Total price: 310.75

BigBanana Gaming says:

I went to your site (black Friday paintball) and my computer said its was a non secure site and I couldn’t buy stuff from this site. Some wan else have this

Berserk At_Games says:

What’s a good 50 cal setup

TheHuskyK9 says:

I’m not new to paintball but still a novice. My setup
-Azodin Kaos 2
-Empire Halo Too
-D3fy 45/1000 compressed air
-VForce Profiler mask
-HK Army paint

Aidan Wilson says:

ive been playing since I was 8. bought my first gun at 10 and still play. Id say I’m pretty good but ive built up my equipment over the years buying when I see really good sales. My setup right now is a empire stainless steel tank, planet eclipse etha, dye rotor and dye I4.

Eduardo Antonio González Villa says:

If I use glasses to see well, which goggles do you recomend me?

AuthenticGamer says:

Is the BT 4 Delta Elite a good paintball gun it’s $340 but it’s on sale for $169

Jack Tyler says:

Mini GS with a dye LTR with a ninja 68ci and a Balkan tactical mask I realy like this speed ball set and have been playing paintball for 4 years now


Idk if I should do airsoft or paintball can someone help me out

SushiYT says:

Greatest vid ever I was gonna get same tank and gun but hopper I couldn’t find a good price good recomendation

Lure Kings says:

dead ass im not lying i bought all these excpet for the different mask before i even knew this video existed

TryAiming Higher says:

im still deciding wether i should get the cronus or the Azodin

Quin Middleton says:

Hey guys. Does anyone know how to fill a compressed air bottle.

Brandon Bigelow says:

Good setup:
-Tippmann A5
– Ninja 48/3000 HPA air tank

Your all set

JulianBarona says:

What the best setup for 800 ? I was thinking
Etha 2
Carbon fiber ninja tank
Dye rotor with speed feed
Tank grip
Virtue VIo ascend thermal mask

Adolf Hitler says:

Could I use the azodin kaos for woodsball? I just like the style of it more than the cronus

Black Dynamite says:

Great vid. New to paintball & absolutely loved it. I rented a standard issue gun & felt like I had an inaccurate revolver going against automatic weapons. Which gun is the most accurate, which shoots the most balls & which is good at speed with accuracy?

Call Me Moostang says:

Dropping my current setup (im technically still a noobie, only a few weekends played)
-Azodin Blitz 2011 ($135)
-Valken VMax Plus electronic loader ($50) plus speedfeed ($15)
-GXG Stealth mask ($20)
-Guardian 3000-48 tank ($35)

SSniper14 PB says:

exactly what Id recommend, great video.

DoubleD says:

I still use my beginner setup! I did a video like this one this past Wednesday, but this video is much more informative and concise! I love it!

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