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You asked, we listened. Tony put together an amazing paintball gear package for just under $2000. What do you think of his choices?

Included in the package: Vforce Grill, Ninja SL2 tank, GI Sportz LVL Loader, and a Planet Eclipse CS2.


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Paintballer 45 Xd says:

Tips to try out for your first speedball team I’m wanting to get into speedball p.s. I have my gear

RusherPB says:

Sure this isn’t the impact loadout

bobby o5 says:

Cool i can get this whole set up under $2000
Dye i5’s = $180
Exalt knee pads= $55
Exalt throw back pants= $60
Exalt elbow pads= $55
Dye Ltr w/speed feed= $130
Dye DSR = $900
Dye jet pack harness 4+5 = $50
Ninja tank =$150
All under $2000

D Etch says:

Ill stick to my Blitz 3

Erik Majestic says:

jeez I never knew paintball gear was so expensive. I remember back in the 2000s era there where at good price

D Etch says:

Why not just call it” best paintball items setup”? Let the players decide if they want to buy full retail. I never do.

Mark Bridenbeck says:

1999.99 under $2000 and no pod pack no jersey or pants so paintball naked boom!

Curro Official says:

next time a customer is in, start a series where you do this but they are in the pro shop and you film them pickout the products. give them a pricepoint just like this video, than do a mid range marker setup for around 1k for everything than a 500 dollar one or somethin’ it’d be pretty cool to see

Andrew Shreffler says:

Do a gun package that includes pants jerseys and pod pack for $2,000

airsoft maybe says:

I would get a I5 mask

Misguided Mann says:

Best GTEK setup for the money??

TGZProdigy says:

I would like to see I want to be a speedballer package which includes (gun,tank,hopper,mask,jersey,pants,pads, and headgear) for either under 2000 or 2500 prefer under 2k.

Junior Sauceda says:

Does mark suck?

sixto hernandez says:

Do an etha 2 or ETEK 5 build

Jack Pack says:

I don’t use a ninja sl2 tank because I’m so short and smalll also I don’t want to spend $230 dollars on a air tank

Toney Porter says:

Wen will y’all do a rate my gear 3

XevilangleX says:

You can easily go cheaper and better for a full setup imo, invest on your clothing, get paintball pants, cleats, and a jersey…

Paintball mag says:

Everyone knows the machine vapor is the most cost effective marker for a sub 2k$ setup. A nice 50$ tank. A shake and bake hopper and the rest on parts and repair kits. Ez pz

bl gameing says:

Profilers or grillz Im 13 and I can buy Im eaither

joshua estrada says:

yhaa kool set up how about cs1 a dye r2 and ninja 77 /4500 and dye i5 mask jreaky din keep up the great work

KillerGillerGirl says:

Now if I had $2,000 to spend


You’re given $2,000 and you went with a LVL? How did you not go for the Spire 3?

Erik Majestic says:

oh ya another thing, what the difference in tank prices aren’t they all the same?? dont they have compress air, is it different prices sole on the brand?????

Matthew Chalker says:

Take out the lvl and get a spire IR, then upgrade the grills to an EVS! Same price!

Kase 1234 says:


robbydiesel21 says:

If im droppin 2gs on a setup i aint gonna go short on the hopper im goin all out!!!

Matthew Gedutis says:

Can you do a review of all the planet eclipse markers??

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