Blackout Kit Head Setup (Alternative to a Paintball Mask)

Hard Ear Protectors:
GoPro Hat Mount (Full Size Case):
GoPro Hat Mount (Blackout Case):

Today I show you how to put together a low profile functional blackout kit with commonly available products as well as some custom designed stuff and some modifications. The result is fairly awesome in my humble opinion.

Links to all the products in the video and kit:
Mesh Mask (2 strap):
Head Sock:
GoPro Blackout Case:
GoPro Standard Case:
Hard Ear Protectors:
GoPro Hat Mount (Full Size Case):
GoPro Hat Mount (Blackout Case):

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NUKE says:

This is a bad set up. You can do better if you replace the hat with a winter cap, an eye mask (instead of glasses) that its not going to be black, but transparent, and mesh like this one. (all black ofcourse)

Lewis Cutler says:

is there alternative glasses i can use

Lobo sol says:

buy yourself some wrestling ear protection that have those plastic covers shells remove them and add them on your Airsoft mask boom there you go you guys just saved yourself 44.90

kaleb bowers says:

Can we us this for paintball? Because ive seen thin mask like that are not recommend for paintball

javamoss says:

It’s been 2 years. The price for the ear covers are still too expensive. Plus shipping, I’m looking at at least $100. 🙁

PanzerKadaver says:

Hi man ! Nice setup you have here. I’m looking for good ear protection. Right now I have a balaclava which is OK but not perfect. Do you think your ears protectors are compatible with the Stalker JAY FAST face protection ?

Para Plays says:

Fog will be a massive issue.


60 fucking bucks hell no

killer squid airsoft says:

Pls just not the intro

Eric Prime says:

what would the overall price be if im buying everything besides the gopro

Killer Bratwurst says:

I’m thinking about doing this in German Flecktarn, dunno if that’d look good…

alan balcazar says:

dont its dangeorus play paintball with a mesh mask?

Big_BoY_69 says:

could you do this in od  green too

Steven Payne says:

I’ve messaged you via shapeways about your ear protection, do you have an email address I could contact you directly on? It’s to do with the patents on them and the possibility of mass production via the company I work for. Many thanks.

rory airsoft says:

Who is warning in 2018

Sammy Samdals says:

Hey I had a question and would really like an answer. You put two links in the description, one link with mesh mask with goggles and one link with just the goggles alone. Was just wondering which link did you use the goggles in the video?

Ha Ha says:

That’s not a mesh mask link

Cryzk says:

this gave me an idea that i just made with stuff i had and now im really happy with my new look even tho its a small change and later today since its 12:38AM im going to try to find my ear pro from when i went to the shooting range

Cardinal Defense says:

Entire setup without the gopro is around $150.00 most expensive peice is the price gouged glorified ear lids. Racking in at almost $50.00 smfh

Phil Dee says:

have you ever thought of making your own 3d printer mask?

Dartfish says:

What gun do you have?

Malika Smith says:

it’s like black opps 3

CJ says:

what do you think would be an alternative to the goggles that you are using for this kit?

NoCultist says:

ASG got a little to pricey for me but I miss it a lot… I guess its time to come back.

Liebenz87 says:

subbed for nice build!

Walker Young says:

+BrainExploder what pants are u using for this loadout

Big Potato says:

It’s cool until you get your eye shot out from a bb that ricocheted up your sunglasses

iiTsRaccoon • says:

Any recommendations on black airsoft pants? And shoes/boots

Panda pawz says:

This is awesome im currently making a ghost CQB set and ill paint the mesh to make a og ghost mask kinda look thanks for the loadout

Malik Fromm Dance CHANNEL says:

Nice! Song ?

Steve McAllen says:

Where did u get the ear parts

JMF says:

hey brainexploder, is there any location to download the 3d printer files? i tried to find them on the net, but it only takes me to shapeways to purchase the complete product.

SWAT_Team says:

Hey man,what type of rifle are you using?

WWIIMed20 says:

Hey :), what’s the rifle under the mosin nagant?

Psycho Guy says:

This is basically the head gear I run, but in black.

Respo says:

Anyone else used this in paintball? If so how did it go?

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