DIY How to make your own Paintball Armor / Vest for under $10

Do you like Paintball but don’t want those ugly injuries around your chest and back? You can always buy an armor, let’s say a military vest for about $70 to $200 in a military thrift store. Or even use a motorcycle vest which is not only very expensive but also heavy. So I figured, why not make your own DIY paintball armor vest that is light, effective, and also very efficient.

The solution is a solid rubber vest. Just use a runner band, I bought mine in Home Depot for $7 and velcro from Walmart for $2.67. A little work about 15 minutes and you are done: A light and cheap paintball vest. Of course you can use this perfectly for air guns and airsoft as well. Especially for airsoft vests, this is the perfect body protection.


Jason Hamelin says:

You pussy cant withstand paintball shots. XD


Does it get hot?

Evan Cosman says:

Im just going to cut the shoulders off of my old hockey chest guard

HelloImAYoutuber123 says:

We’re did you get the jacket

Kam Alvarado says:

how long was the one you were using @tendarian

HeadBangingHorse says:

Just to let you guys know, the “Rubber” he is using is “Vinyl Utility Runner” you can get a 27″ (Inches) wide and 6′ (feet) long Runner at Home Depot for about $12.00-$13.00.


only concern is it must get really hot

Jason Willmert says:

What kind of rubber did you use and where did you get it? and how much was it?

MrPoTatoe please eat me says:

pretty intelligent honestly.

HYBRID says:

Does this help the pain at all when get hit or do you still feel it?

Veej Crowley says:

Does the rubber have a different name? because I’ve never seen anything called runner band at home depot..

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