Getting Into Paintball: what to wear for your first time

Going to play for your first time. Assuming your renting gear this is what I think you should wear for your first day. Apologies for the poor video quality but I was having lighting issues.

Experienced players, let me know your opinion in the comments

Also don’t forget ….
-Lots of water
-A Change of cloths for the end of the day
-a few garbage bags (always useful for dirty cloths or protecting car seats)
-A good additude


Darth Jimmi says:

I got tactical gear, ie.
Tactical shirt (thin and light), BDUs, military grade combat boots, tactical vest (i think its actually a paintball vest too) and a boonie hat. All i need now is something to protect my “pants navy” and i can rent the rest.
Does that sounds good to you?

Brandon Callahan says:

Literally every person I’ve ever watched/asked said wear something like tennis shoes.

Steven Haymon says:


Swa99y Sha99y says:


Reese Nuscher says:

Nobody where’s a cup

Vespertine says:


orozco53204 says:

thats why i mainly play in the fall its cooler,do where gloves and neck protection

michael bell says:

Y tf do u need to need to where a cup it hurts for a little bit but you’ll be fine

One Punch Man says:

going paintballing tommorow. Gotta get me a cup!

Michael YT. says:

Thanks for this video it was just what I wanted

K!NG G3ORGE says:

I’ve got this huge gash on my forehand and I’m afraid that I’m gonna get shit there. It’s starting to scab up and I was thinking covering it with some medical wrap for some extra protection. Anything I can do to protect it other than an extra layer of shirts?

It's me SEP says:

AND PROTECT YOUR NECK! Neck shots are the only ones that hurt a good amount. Eventually they’re more annoying than painful, but still. Protect your neck and nads.

Thec0mmunity says:

Hello iam 11 and iam going to paintball and I was wondering if body warmers are a good idea

MissAtomic says:

Should I wear a chest protector?

Noah Lowes says:

just saying, all your gear is wrong. DON’T USE UNDER ARMOUR. it hurt, this video is a lie. if your playing woodsball wear shin pads, thin elbow pads and I suggest sweat pants over top of something thin. also. DO NOT USE BOOTS. I prefer kleats. also. use thin gloves. don’t use a cup. Noone shoots for your balls.

pg 4 pixel gamer says:

lol the first time i went paintballing i was wearing a tshirt and joggers

Derp Derp says:

Where do I go to play paint ball tho? I don’t know where? Please tell me!

Awesome Games says:

I was hit in the head with A paintball gun it did not hurt

Amy Fonzi says:

999th like

SoFrostyYT says:

What about like long johns a short sleeve shirt above that, gloves and jeans?

Silenced Gameplay says:

ball to the balls lmao

American Box says:

Can I wear cleats

C.J. Beach says:

He said aboot…ha

Meme Meme says:

Thx memestar

Texas Terror lego says:

hey im just starting to get into this i have all i need but what should i wear under my vest with no arm protection?

Abel Ramirez says:

A ball to the balls

Janiece Ervin says:

please respond can you wear baseball batting gloves

Masterhurley says:

i got hit in the leg and get a red spot

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