How to Make: Body Armor

The long awaited build video teaching you how to make ANY of the armors you’ve seen on my channel.

Before you ask, no, I don’t do templates or print-outs. I promote creators, not copycats. I give you the knowledge, it’s up to you to supply the creativity.

The armor on Ebay:

Stop Motion – Stikkman


abhishek ajay says:

bro…great work,great attitude

Creative Kolter - making enthusiast says:

11:22 I have that same PAINTBALL armor and I was gonna use it to make armor and I see it in the video ? Coincidence I think not

MrThidj901 says:

12:09 Thou gotest what Thou wantest. Now, please Cometh back !

Not Hitler says:

You’re right about asymmetric pouldrons. You need to maximise flexibility in the weapon hand and protection on the other.

xSARGEx117x says:

+ZNA Productions

I’m making something similar out of steel plates (these are expensive, but well worth it) and I must say, your videos give me a ton of ideas for weapons and armor. I make and sell knives as a hobby.

One question though, how much do you usually spend on armor like this? I’m a good $70 in, and I haven’t even gotten the plates yet, I’ve just been cutting cardboard to plan out how the plates will stack. I didn’t expect this to be cheap, but it’s a bit more expensive than I was expecting.

David Clarke says:

seriously, you should market this stuff.

L.B. D.R.P. says:

8:35 so inspiring,inspired by you making small diys , coming to armour tooo one day!!!!!

mrredeef says:

Nice, I remember this now, you alread made some light armor sleeves.

DarkJanet says:

I’m just too fat to wear this armor.

Angelo Jensen says:

dumb idea. could you have put a layer of aluminum(or steel) in between the layers of the $30 bulletproof body plates? or layers over it? AND you want the defensive arm really armored and your weapon arm with less. this is because your offensive weapon is gonna be swung all over the place and you dont want to tire it out unnecessarily.

Skull the Wizard says:

You would be ready for a nuclear war

Scotty Graham says:

Your like the bob Ross of cool shit

Steven ZachariasVA says:

I would have loved to see all that done on that bag. It might not have been a very reliable base, but it would have been entertaining to watch and see the magic.

Ronald Poniatowski says:

Fun creation. Get a dishing form or raising stake, they’ll take you into a new direction·(if you haven’t already).

David Clarke says:

good job, I never would have thought of using motorcycle gear.

Dain. Rowby says:

I want him to next time he makes armour to count how many rivets he uses


i really want to learn how to make a death stroke armor like if 20 guys attack you with glass bottle and wooden sticks . i need advice and suggestion with easily available stuff

Zukibros Productions says:

Better hope ANTIFA doesn’t see this lol

cruise lowinda says:

when he says he wants you to feel good 8:58 ….( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

manualLaborer says:

I like your fancy expensive bracelet.

brody hilgenfeld says:

i feel like this armor should be in fallout.

Nickolas Reddig says:

ugh, the dream job, building weapons, uploading videos all day err day.

Mythril Man says:

Historically accurate poldren placement and sizing good work

Sus Ba says:

Make NCR ranger armor please


What kind of rivets are these?
where can I buy this stuff?

Darth Cynicis says:

looks amazing

Cowboybub 2003 says:

this one in particular is not bullet proof, but it will stop throwing spikes and stars (but not completely unscaved)

Lectrolyte Gaming says:

If I was to make body armor I’d make holes in a plastic bag and put my hands throw it and take another bag and shove my legs through and then put on a tinfoil hat. My base would be a cardboard bow in the garden shed…

That’s just lame.

ovcharka01 says:

i will usethis when i come back to VZ

Trenton Thornton says:

That is some nice armor

NooZzleZ says:

If fallout happens irl then you’ll be sorted

Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa. says:

6:20 and thats exactly what knights did

fucken uknown says:

is there any way u can sell me some plates and ill pay u i dont have tools to make it

Ethan Wood says:

Challenge: Make some generic Spartan armor

Mr Jackson says:

552 people don’t like awesome body armor?

TheHornedOne81 says:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. In other words, take the time to do it right and you make fewer mistakes, and so finish more quickly.

Unicorns Are da best says:

what do you do with the old armour forget about it

FishermanFinn says:

Deus valt infedel

RickyTickyBobinWoben says:

When you’ve worked so hard on this and fall down and everything breaks

Allan Casso says:

love it

fire wolf says:

AH FU.. i need to know how to make armer so that i dont dye by a knife or a bat so esly wenever pesevanes freck the fuck out abowt trump fixing the usa

El Diablo Sosa says:

I AN SO DANG LATE TO YOUT CHANNAL BRO. just wanted to let you know that your videos are hecka intertaining

alexski13 says:

this is that nerdy motherfucker we all made fun of in class

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