I Review a $20 Airsoft Vest

What can an Airsoft vest costing only $20 offer you? Surprisingly alot!

Get it here: http://www.lightake.com/p/Unisex-Tactical-Molle-Airsoft-Vest-Paintball-Combat-Soft-Vest-CS-Tactical-Vest-With-4-Pouches–Mud-Color_1888102.html

DavidSaganHD (2nd Channel): https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidSaganHD


Andrew Buchanan says:

id rather throw away 20$ than reward the people who make that item, thanks for the dealing with it.

Alexis Somerville. says:

I use this, there are more downsides:
It cant take weight. If you want more weight, and I run with six mags. You need a knife, and some black five quid popper/push buttons, put them above the velcro tabs on the shoulders.
The stitching sucks ass, you will find you have to work around the stitching on the molle, you’ll need to re-stich some of them, or simply work around it.
The cables are useless, replace them with paracord.

crazywheels 89 says:


Aiden Stewart says:

It’s also on amazon

PAXthe4Th says:

i did throw those metal string out and sown the schoulder straps together to fit my upper body
i bought that to get the magazin pouches thy cost 12 euro alone where i live

MrGuardian 926 says:

Lol i have this one… Works great

loonie police says:

does it ship to canada?

LOLZMALLOW Studios says:

I have that best

stealthysumo321 says:

ha dars, if I had them id spend em on this

Spartons United101 says:

I have this vest but I can’t fit my M4 mags in the carriers comfortably

Tony Ruiz says:

its hot bro use a belt lol it dot hurt that bad haha

MuteSoft Gameplay says:

Is it a MOLLE vest?

Hydra says:

lol you can fit a colt.25 in the top pouch

AeroLogics says:

20 darrs

HitmanOne Airsoft says:

How the hell you have like 65k subscribers and this video took 12k views… you don’t have anything useful to say! its like they gave this vest to someone that sees one for the first time and tries to review it! damn… Waste of my time! i don’t get it how i’m the only one to notice!

Steiner Eichmann says:

Whats going on with the metal stings on carrier ?

J4JacobR Productions says:

2 questions: does this fit kids? And is this compatible with nerf?

Eli Anders vlogs says:

The metal is for quick release there is a handle at the bottom for that

Riot Eclipz says:

Does it come in smaller sizes

Dat Offensive Guy says:

Actually it’s on amazon for 30 too

middle earth/larp/archery says:

theres a webbsite called wish where u can get a 90$ vest for only 20$

Ghost.Doctor says:

I would love to buy that vest but they it won’t fit me

SuperFjordmannen says:

how wide are the ammo puches?, will it fit a 8cm/3inch magazine

NauticaLobbyz - says:

Amazon now sells them bro

DeltaForceAirsoft says:

what is the size of it?

isaac B says:

Why are the cables for

NME_Bane says:

At 2:28, the look on your face and the noise of the velcro makes it look like you shit your pants in public.

Silas Rauch says:

Just get a lancer tactical chest rig for $17 on airsoftmegastore/airsoftgi the rig comes with 5 m4 mag pouches

Cristian Negrete says:

i ran that vest for a while. perfect vest for a beginner

Mαναριτζις88 says:

it is better to have one good vest than 25 cheap

Skengis Khan says:

I have one and they are sweaty as fuck no air ventilation also the velcro on one of the shoulders doesn’t work but the price can’t really complain

Kimberly Larsen says:

the shipping is $13.23

Billy John's Funland says:

“‘only $20 dars”

Billy John's Funland says:

only 20 dars

Diseased Sphincter says:

pocket mags mags in my pockets pockets on my jeans jeans in my pockets

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