Is a $5 Dollar Mask Safe for Airsoft? [TEST]

Today we test out the 5 dollar Sansei mesh mask to see if it’s actually safe for airsoft.

Guns used: KWA HK-45, JG BAR 10, CYMA AK.


Phantom_Xeno says:

I commented before finishing the video

Limppu Man says:

Reminds me of when my friend shot me with an airsoft shotgun, at point blank range, while I was wearing a mesh mask, and really tiny pieces of shrapnel flew everywhere and right into my eyes through the mesh.
I’m lucky it wasn’t any worse than that.


Honestly buy some good and expensive eye wear cuz you’re eyes are worth more than $5

Angus kramer says:

Smosh called it wants Eian back

kawala Dy says:

You got bad aim

HardenedVICTORy says:

It’s your eyes, can you really put a price on protection for them. You only get one pair.

Simon The Seal says:

You think i gonna be safe if i buy this for backyard fun with 20 € guns ?

Review Central says:

But you won’t be standing still while someone is shooting at your eyes 100 times

TheBloodMango says:

if Taiga replies, i will be happy 😛

AZSP1966 says:

The thing I don’t like about any full face mask is if you need water you will compromise your eye pro to slip a camel back hose underneath even more so to drink from a bottle. I still think separate eye pro and lower face mask is the best.

The crazy boys says:

one’s gonna shoot you that close that many times

Sans the default dancer says:

You get what u paid 4

DSIKtwat says:

it would be good mask if you upgrade it. just dump mesh and put 5mm acrylic glass and your golden.

Mravenci CZ says:

It maybe would be good if the mesh was doubled or tripled.

Callsign Vail says:

Who would get this to begin with its hideous

Freedom Fighter says:

In summary; better than nothing, I guess?

Oliver Shreds says:

I use a jt paintball mask and I got full auto’d in the face with a 340 fps hk416 from about 12 feet away. All it did was leave a couple dots on the lens. It worked great. In case of shards, I wear a balaclava with some goggles underneath.

KleverStudios says:

Just say bang bang, Jesus

edyou2323 says:

Who plays with metal bebs ? When playing with other people?

Mr_Duckington says:

Ur pulling that sniper bolt thing so sloww…

i am awesome sauce wang says:


Davide Dervishi says:


Max Otto says:

Hang on… i bought one of those for 20 bucks.

Tieghank Terlingen Berry says:

I don’t thinks anyone wants to be able to see after watching this video, so go ahead and buy the 5$ mask

SaavageTurtle 41 says:

I know this video obviously shows the mask can break and is dangerous, but wouldn’t the mask problem be fixed by putting strong lensed goggles on top of the mesh?

ethan tolledo says:

That thing is trash the mask has no good protection to th face

TheNauter says:

You are not allowed to enter the airsoft field with these types og mask in Norway

SGT Nunton Airsoft says:

Nice. I was going to try the same video lol. Glad I didn’t 🙂

tdiowa 353 says:

600 fps your fucked

Scuba Steve and Underwater Rock Climbing says:

What about the mesh lower face?

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