Kittys Tips : Traveling with paintball gear

TSA info on traveling with air / c02 tanks:

TSA info on traveling with paintball markers:

TSA policy on locking bags:


shutts67 says:

Is removing the bonnet on a tank reg enough, or do you need to remove the whole reg?

Also, best case I have found for a marker, Net Book case. You can get them for like $6 on ebay and they zip.

adamsapple13 says:


Joseph says:


android17ak47 says:

i fly with southwest alot, I can have my marker and equipment but no tank or paintballs no matter what.

Kena Ludvigsen says:

@shutts67 You have to remove the whole regulator completely so they can take a look into the tank itself..

JLAVS1231 says:

When you give it to the post office do you have to take out the pin and everything or can you leave it together and just make sure the tank is empty?

UV Halo says:

Great Info!

pcorcoran89 says:

haha they took your tank when you came to chicago.. somehow i saw this video coming.

timwood70 says:

I just play airsoft 😉

PaintballKitty says:

@pcorcoran89 no they didnt take my tank, i just gave it to mike to ship instead.

MangiomoSammiches says:

@Kylef7735 i hate anti gun people too.

PaintballKitty says:

@yankees1218 I did say that in the video 🙂

Ronnie Räser Pettersson says:

@pepsidude308 Yes….

MurKdAMAsK3 says:

finacial fine…lol or in your case…laughy laugh

Joseph says:

@PaintballKitty sorry kitty didnt watch the whole video, but i thought i should give a tip

skyeric875 says:

@infinatebubbles no your not, just buy the cylanders there lol….tanks are more expensive

MangiomoSammiches says:

thank you this is very informative! but i still don’t want the tsa touching me, if ya know what i mean. 😛

Kylef7735 says:


Anti gun people annoy me.

It grows to everything eventually.

Maraque says:

Great, clear vid! Very useful! I live in Canada and will probably go to Castle Conquest soon! Can’t wait!

Dominic Nemesdy says:

haha.. i would’ve had a fun time in germany. I have friends in austria that have invited me to stay with them for a week or two in the summer. I would’ve probably been flying into Munich and busing it down to Vienna(and of course id bring my paintball shit XD). Little would i have known that id be met with a lovely armed escort to one of the local police stations and without knowing a single word of german having to explain my intentions.. sooo.. yeah, thanks a bunch for that save there kitty!

sticktodrum says:

Kitty does indeed know. She helped me out tremendously when I was going to and leaving Chicago for LL3. Thank you Kitty!

LopezRacing42 says:

Is there any problem to bring paintballs on the bag ?

delljack2 says:

I win

Wrodriguez1985 says:

I have a Question, I’m Planning on traveling from Connecticut, US to Puerto Rico in a few months. My question is could I use my Planet Eclipse Lowland bag as a luggage bag to travel with my gear in it or would I have to get another bag to store it in ?

funkyflyswim says:

so..i have a ninja tank.. first time flying. with my stuff..flying.on virgin… a ninja can do this right?

MrVentrilo says:

you shouldnt try to fly into switzerland with a paintballgun eighter cause our policemen are too stupid to realize that its not a dangerous firearm^^

Crabcakes125 says:

@ScottTheItouchKid lol 😀

PaintballKitty says:

@pepsidude308 nope hence i said you have to removed the pin valve for co2 and remove the reg on air :), emptying a tank is not enough, there must be an open ‘seal’.

Damian Williams says:

jet blue and tran air suck…fly delta(i acturally have never tryed flying with paintball gear but they are awesome when i take vacations)

strykerspbteam says:

what about the fuel tank

WhenYouSmile says:

this aint cod

Kylef7735 says:

@assassinsrock LOL

skyeric875 says:

extremely helpful!!!

nonghi says:

Tips For traveling with your Scenario Pantball Guns in the Car:
ALWAYS COVER THEM UP! I forgot to cover up a US Army Project Salvo in the back seat of my car. I acidentaally ran a stop sign and got pulled over by a cop. Cop asked me if i knew what i did wrong. After he says that looks inmy back seat and sees my gun sitting there. Long story short. About 2 more cops came, questioned me and asked me where i was going (going to play paintball).

I was scared shitless.

RussJordii says:

Oh Jesus. My cousin had an absolutely HUGE milsim machinegun… When they opened our bag, security nearly pulled their guns on us -.-

Always be SPECIFIC as to what you’re carrying. Claiming your milsim .50 cal as a “marker” doesn’t cut it. In their minds, markers are teeny little colorful things…

And thanks for the vids Kitty. Mikes been awfully quiet… *death glare*

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