My Gear Bag

people have been asking me forever about doing a gear bag video. Sorry this has take so long to shoot!! I will try to get some more from other players on the team and from around the league maybe!! this is sometimes a fun way to see their personalities!!!
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ly1712 says:

Gear bag 2017 video

Maximo Solano says:

those arm pads are nice

Ryan Pestano says:

Ryan is it hard to get into a league?

Paintballghost 14 says:

Can I get 3.1

Liam Michi says:

how do you take of the regulator

Liam Michi says:

what loaders are those?

Jordan_ Fix says:


Trey Mulholland says:

Any suggested guns for a starter

Henry Gonzalez says:

Would u ever sell that jersey on top of the trophy

Henrik Buchanan says:

oh, here’s another championship ring *tosses it aside* 


dang bunch of haters on this post , if you had 3 geos and played pro circuit you would bring them too I would hope. and anyone who has dedicated as much as Oliver to the sport of paintball why wouldn’t you keep playing.

KingMe A says:

ohh its no big i just carry i brand new 3.1(1600) just lying around………

James Tracey says:

No microfibers?

rodentum44 says:

wish I could use HK kit bag 😛

zack drake says:

can someone tell me if you can live on a paintball salary

HUnch Back says:

nut cup?

Brady babcock says:

Why do you still play?

Connor Douglass says:

They let you fly with all that? like do you have to get a special pass or do you just tell them at the security.

Brock says:

Best paintballer ever

Liam Michi says:


T Matsoff says:

Pods take up to much space but you have room for 3 geo 3.1’s

Jarrell Hosey says:

can eat your SAUSAGE

youngchris209 says:

i dont know you ! 

Ultimate paintball says:

Hey rayn just wanted to say that you are a hell of a paintball player

cctaylor88 says:

Must be nice to get everything for free, its pathetic how this guy treats his gear. You can tell he didn’t pay for anything, just throws it around

Robert Medina says:

I have that exact gear bag. It’s freaking awesome

Jeff Cleary says:

Well you know i just care a proshop in my gear bag just for you know, just in case.

Braden Nope says:

Geo 3.1 is so hard to find in 2017

Brutal_Monkey says:

How mutch money do you make if you win a tornament

John Meyers says:

I still can’t get over the fact that he has that many guns with him on a trip

Shergold says:

is that a pinokio loader?

John Galloway says:

I was in San Diego last week. I should of gone to one of your tourneys.

stealth. says:

Hey Ryan! I have a quick question. When you get to the events, is there any specific team member that brings pods/caddies? I want to play MiLP next season, and i dont want to waste space if i dont need to.. Any help you can offer?

connor hiener says:

anyone else notice his gear bag has more markers than socks?

Squirtle Monster says:

Sign an Autograph. Lol i laughed there.

Heather Swatek says:

Ryan can I have the paintball gun please

co8539 says:

That custom polar bear geo oh my godddddd <3 I want it so bad

Fernando Castellanos says:

Damn… Murphy’s law has NOTHING on you!

Tristan Lugo says:

should i get a z2 spire or rotor

Garret Corbin says:

Can I get a 3.1

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