OneTigris Mesh Mask Review//Callsign: Reach Airsoft Gear

Reach is back and badder than ever, bringing you only the HOTTEST content straight to your sub box. This time, we’re revieing the OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask. It’s light, it’s lean, and it’s definitely sexy. It protects your teeth, allows you to aim, and makes you look good while doing it. Enjoy, kids.

I’m thinking about doing a Q+A here soon because I think it might be fun, so throw some Q’s my way down in the comments if you’re in the mood. Or don’t. I don’t know. I’m not your damn mom, do whatever you want.

Thanks for 800 subs! Suuuuuuuuuuper crazy. I’m going to be trying to get more stuff out soon!

Thanks to Makenna for filming and dodging bullets on my behalf.


Wallpaper by Kevin Macleod
Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:…


Phantom Lightning says:

Hilarious and awesome

Kenan Beltran says:

As an airsoft ref I sub to you good sir

Da Brock says:

How the hell have I not found this channel earlier lol good work guys

AirMnM says:

dude, you are AWESOME! keep doing what you’re doing, and I’m certain that you will continue to blow up!

Patrick Hanlon says:


Mace-Inator says:

What’s type of shirt is that you have there, and what color?

shaqill malakhy says:

Why dont you wear goggles

tris09 says:

“… that’s going to change the way YOU humiliate your enemys.”
I love you. XDDD

Rainbow Six Memes says:

lol that tiny aug along with you dying was soooooo funny xD

John Dough says:

Homegirl has super nice legs.
… Nice….

Aryn Fleak says:


Bubba Gump says:

First few seconds is him in Vietnam

RiffRaff Airsoft says:


jimmymcnulty789 says:


The Almighty INTP says:

Do 4:57 everytime you see that NOVRITSCH is in the same arena/place as you

smug phaser says:

Q Ur
A Mom
U Gay

Zapianos says:

Funny review, Subbed

NuttyKapkan says:

This was fucking amazing

Fergus 110 says:

I could not stop laughing for “IT’S A BIG GUN”

Frost Rock says:

I was about to dislike because I wasn’t liking the comedy so far but pretty much everything after the Disney part (which was funny to me) was good

JS Yoon says:

LOL! Hilarious and subbed

Rich R says:

Researching airsoft gear for my kid and came across this video. You had me cracking up brother! And informative too!

Todd Nixon says:

That video was great truly great you are a gentleman and a scholar of Airsoft …. I do have this mask on order from Amazon when I saw the nutsack protection gee… I better go back in order one more

Tyler Thomason says:

You just sold me this mask, good job

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