Paintball Gear Up | V Force Grill – Assembly & Review!

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Hey Guys! Something Different Today As I’m Slowly Working Towards Getting My Gear Together For Paintball! Today I Show Off And Review My Mask Which Is The V Force Grill – SE Grizzly Mask!

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Gman Cman says:

Get a Dye M2, very cheap XD

Lazy Pirate Gaming says:

Wicked mask man! Paintball all the way, it’s got the pain factor which gets ya pumped in those heated situations, and makes suppression more realistic/effective.

jason arce says:

Great to see more new players get into paintball.

Brian Dudra says:

sick mask!!! I’m getting the new Viking one from

ronin says:


jason arce says:

Not the newest mask but a good start.I don’t know U.K prices but don’t get a marker too far past 500.00.For your first pb gun.To many different marker types now. You might like some other type instead later on.

Alexander Losee says:

Thats a cool mask!! Paintball isn’t really my thing though. Im more of an airsoft guy. But it would be way cool if you did some videos of some paintball wars though.

Xavier H. says:

you should try airsoft, its like paintball only more serious/realistic.

Kenneth Hall says:

Get a opscore helmet so you can mount your gopro and wear that mask comfortably

Devan Dunivan says:

you should use a paint brush as a knife, just joking. It has been to long since i played. when you take cover don’t get to close to it, they can bunker you that way. keep a foot or two.

C Braband says:

hey, I’m buying this mask (I’m a collector ) but I can’t find the resale value anywhere! if you know that would be fantastic (buying for 20 from a friend I have the nightmare gold grillz and you have the orange)

Macca Mca says:

will be waiting for some go pro view matches

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