Paintball Gear/Gear Bag Overview 2016-2017

Here is an overview of my Gear and Gear Bag for this year 2016 on to next year of 2017.

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xAuto PVP says:

what is that Gear Bag its so nice

KingJay504 says:

Hey I’m a starter should I invest in like the helmet case and stuff like that like now plz answer

alex keever PB says:

nice set up man ill see you at ccz here soon

DarkCarbon5 says:

Nice collection of gear!

[PTGD]Achilles says:

this vid is 3 days off my bday plus y do you dont get knee pads

Esteban Hoyos says:

Do you play speedball? If you do what division do you play

Carlos J says:

I know this is a dumb question but where did you get that black lens for the grills ?

Zephan Conway says:

you would rather have a crap wicket case over a pe case…

steve says:

Do you keep the batteries in your hopper and marker after playing ?

Alex D. says:

nice gear bro

king trow says:

Why do so many people use pads/paintball specific clothes? In the summer I’ll go with a t-shirt and shorts, never had a problem with it.

KingJay504 says:


Aleksander Polka says:

Take your pods out of your pack because they stretch out your plastics.

Adam Arnold says:

just saying you got me in to paintball

PoloJust4Paintball says:

Sick Exalt gear dude!

s3r1ouslys1lly says:

great gear! those exalt cases are awesome!

Andres Chacon says:

is the azodin kd 2 a good gun for begginers?(me lol)

Nicholas Morrison says:

If u wanted you could cut the foam on the i side and then place your session in there, it keeps it safe from breaking and damage

Chris kremnitzer says:

nice vid man. keep up the work.

Orizon says:

Do you smoke by any chance??? Your voice is very scratchy…

SwagTechTips says:

nice setup i wish i could afford one of those guns but i cant

Andres Chacon says:

wow bro thats actually pretty nice bro

Michael Ocasio says:

NIce vid ! just starting to really getting into paintball. Good wishlist items!

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