Paintball Headbands, Headwraps, Beanies & Other Head Protection

Getting shot in the forehead sucks!

The way I see it headgear for paintball does two things: gives some much needed head protection, and helps prevent sweat from getting into your eyes.

Let’s run down some of the ways you can protect you noggin while playing paintball. Headbands, Beanies, Headwraps and even paintball specific padded hats are all great ways to give you a little extra head protection.

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Tommy Deliso says:

HK Army ninja style headband over my Planet Eclipse headwrap.


Tyler Rainville says:

I just wear a baseball hat but i wear one adidas makes that wicks away sweat.

zach heil says:

I usually just wear an old ball cap. The very few times I’ve been shot in the head it only stings a little bit with the ball cap on.

Gik Diamond says:

The beanie gets u hurt the most if u get hit in the head it stings more

Blake Nuttall says:

How or would you ever wear a snapback

Unova says:

i wear a head band for sweat, and a beanie to keep my hair back cause it’s long


You forgot og sockhats.

REAPERSMagfed says:

This video was funny….. Proper etiquette on head gear…

Chris Kish says:

a baseball hat backwards works really well.

SupImNoobie says:

Review the Spyder MR100 pro/pack

Jacob Lira says:

Let’s be honest the only reason we use headbands and sandanas is to look agg

Omar Carrillo says:

No armagrillo headwraps with dreads ?

Charles Ball says:

upside down visor, à la Mike Carthy.

Brian Bybee says:

I still have no idea how people wear beanies during summer paintball

Storm 1030 says:

I love my beanies, want to get the exalt lime green one

Branden's Outdoor Channel says:

i wear sandana headwraps because it keeps sweat out of my eyes and i have short hair and it prevents sunburn.

Jerry G says:

I like to wear the headwraps because i have long hair. Little less of a mess to clean out later if i get lit up on my dome. aaaand also wear it to look cool

Ben Sroka says:

What mask is that?

Ekim Tsilko says:

Can you make a review on the defy d3s?

Chase Wright says:

Will you be expanding on designs for the PBRML headbands?

Vane Nuno says:

Please respond

Mikaël Provencher says:

It also keep a low profile by keeping your hair low on your head. Not that it would affect the pbrml dude.

CowTooons says:

what looks cool is the instant desider INSTANT

My Paintball Life says:

Dont forget the ol double headband!

K1NG says:

It’s all about dreads

paintslinger 104 says:

a welder’s cap works perfect.

xCGNx InFusE says:

How about a fast helmet and a mask? Will that work?

Daniel Thompson says:

Let’s be honest, sandanas are the best looking headwrap

Michel Sessim says:

Headwraps are really useful for players with med/long hair.

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