Paintball Masks – How To Choose The Right Mask For You

Since there’s a large variety of high-end masks currently out on the market, I wanted to create an overview of what you should look for when buying your first, or 10th paintball mask.


Bryson Erwin says:

I would go to a local paintball shop but there is none around so my only choice is to buy one online

gotdsm says:

It’s a nice mask, I did a review on it as well.

gotdsm says:

There was always a plane going by over there. I’ve moved since, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

David Anderson says:

Only if you lived next to a porn studio………………………………..

gotdsm says:

Yup, BC NJ! I haven’t played at Picasso Lake yet, but I know this dude, goes by Grazi, plays there! Hit me up if you come up my way!

Anthony Z says:

Dude….with all the noise pollution around you….that house must’ve cost about $400, right?

Chadi Audi says:

Time to move? 😛 is it like this in the night?

Thelegend007 says:

What’s best for a person who wears glasses? 

Brendan Twist says:

If you have this many planes going over your house and a neighbour playing loud music. Why film outside? I’m confused on why you thought filming outside was a good idea.

Perry Godfrey says:

Can someone please tell me what paintball mask the first one in from the left is please?

alex neves says:

Was that a plain???

DitchBackOKIES says:

What’s good for a smaller face?

Coach_Jimbo says:

How does the axis pro compare to the other masks you’ve used? I’m leaning towards it was my next buy

Boomer Dustin says:

The i4 mask is pretty I saw 5 sparks in it

Average Spaceman says:

So i really have no clue what mask to get i have a bigger size head but want something that i can get some nice lens in any suggestions?

Connor Eckert says:

Your a good dude

Fusion Paintball says:

the white Dye i4 doesn’t cover your face to well it’s a smaller profile mask

Wade Edwards says:

honestly i dont care that much how my mask looks, i do like the look of the proto masks but i do care that it doesnt fog up on me. could you recomend a mask that wont fog? i have had a lot of masks fog on me and it just pisses me off.

AIRSOFT Reece says:

lol worst time to make a video MUSIC + PLANES ahahaha

David Rosica says:

Battle Creek NJ? I play at Picasso lake and On Target all the time and I’ve been meaning to go to Battle Creek. maybe ill see you there

Daddy Topi says:

So many things in this video which tried to sabotage your recording but you still managed to make a really good tutorial (y)

thanks for the video, deserved a thumb up

noct3rn4l says:

Lmao I’m sorry it’s just so funny. I had to show a friend this video purely for the amusement. Good review tho

devin says:

what’s the white mask secound to the left?

miragexl007 says:

curious.  you keep saying high-end masks.  what about people that can’t go high end.  Do you have opinions on best bang for the buck Thermal lens mask…around 40-50 bucks.  I see a few….tippman etc.  what do you think

Derpson Dude says:

WOW! thanks!

Josh Davidson says:

the ad before this video scared the hell out of me

CrazyMountainGoat says:

Can you buy the mirror lenses for the dye i4 separately? 

Jeremy T says:

Good How to overall.  Why not just do it inside with all the distractions??

Randomyou101 says:

Are they supposed to cover the top. My forehead?

5150madawg says:

maybe pick another day to make ur video bud lol

Coopxr says:

i had to re watch the video because i was paying attention to how bad the music is and how funny the planes were because of how much came…                                                                                                LOLOLOLOLOLLLOOOLLLL

FLSurfshredder says:

You forgot to include a segment about fogging in the masks. This is kind of critical.

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