Paintball Pants and Groin Protection

A very informal take on pants and stuff to protect the goods.


warman0712 says:

If your a snake player would you consider buying slider pants for those dives or no because most of the time your on the ground?

William Lue says:

an adult small fits 5’5, so im guessing you should get youth large

Iiifee says:

you guys are on roids

warman0712 says:

Can you guys do a video on shoes/cleats? And also can you do a review on the P.E 09 Distortion pants, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, and Jersey? That would be great!

actionsports111 says:

Great video. I have the same sliders. I also agree about pockets; I got rid of my JTs and got empire’s for zipper pockets, plus the empire’s were 07 and only $45.

ldimillo19 says:

nice video

180Paintballer says:

What pants should I get contact or the c12

WaschyNumber1 says:

Realy nice video, can you tell me what they Be called the pants please the left once please 🙂

Hunter Carlson says:

I need paintball pants but every site ive been to does not have any youth pants. Or really any clothing for that matter. Ive found some pants for like 80$ but thats to much. What are some good sites?

tycoon121 says:

@PHLYEpaintball omg ur like me, i love paintball and martial arts!! XD nice. what style(styles) do u do? =O

l1ttl3l33 says:

@Baller6640 try ans gear

l1ttl3l33 says:

Im just getting into paintball are the o8 Jt team pants good.Any suggestions

lavenderhawk says:

a youth medium or extra small..

Holtan Pierce says:

oklahoma fan?

fatguyintinypants says:

my shop has awsome stuff there but they only have large and XL pants >.<

Aaron Thompson says:

officially the coolest intro! gread vid, keep it up guys!

John Burkett says:

lol i dont wear a cup when i play paintball

warman0712 says:

thanks for the advice.

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