Protective Paintball Gear : Body Armor for Paintball

Play harder with proper paintball armor. Learn about protective gear and camouflage for paintball in this free paintball lesson from an experienced player and strategy expert.

Expert: Robert F. Stewart
Bio: Robert Stewart is a 15 year veteran of the sport of paintball. Stewart brings his military training and experience to the game of paintball.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA


nitronovice says:

i once played with a guy with cardboard armor. ref had everyone light up a piece of cardboard to show him how much ‘protection’ it provides =P
he earned the name ‘ironman’

Josh Carrillo says:

u just need a mask but u dont need a fukin exoskeleton lol

bdaley1234 says:

i use the bt body armor becouse its light/ green so it is some what camo and the ball bounce like crazy. if its cheep then so are ghille suit

Tony Woods says:

i like paint ball with no armor its more fun

K C says:

why do we need it? its an unfair advantage. In the actual field in iraq the unfair advantage is a good thing. but Paintball its all about rules.

Ale Gomez-Rubio says:

its a fuckin game…

Marcus Ogilvy says:

just a mask and your set 🙂

John Doe says:

@stfuimpaul its optional

paintballerIRONMEN96 says:

wow real body armor , thats a little much.

BlackDart94 says:

@paintballer44444 dam straight dog


i use motocross body armour. it protects the body the back and arms and its not as soft as his body armour so once you get hit it explodes and doesnt bounce off. thats bullshit how some guys deliberately use softer bouncier protection for paintballs to bounce off and not explode.

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