Tipmann Cronus Tatical Paintball Gun with Robert-Andre!

Robert-Andre unboxes the tipmann cronus tactical paintball gun. He also unboxes a us army ranger paintball mask and shows you his shemagh.


fireforce says:

5:54. Hold you bb it holds paintballs. Even kids that younger than you can know that

Incomplete YT says:

A barrel bag not barrel sock


The stuff coming out of the bolt if your playing with Co2 in cold weather it can do that at times

Cameron Michael says:

You seemed to know a lot about firearms which was impressive not trying to hate but it was surprising to me that he didn’t know what the barrel was

Incomplete YT says:

That hopper is 75 rounds

Hugo Lucas says:

I AM ere 15

JT Gagnon says:

the stuff spraying out is air that pusher the paintball out of the marker

Asa Baker says:

This kid know what Allen wrenches and O-rings are but doesn’t know what a barrel looks like

Bokeefe27 says:

According to my caculations

sl0pe says:

Calls paint a “Bb”

Dylan Ostergard says:

Take a look at the etek 5 that’s what I run

Griffin says:

Airsoft hurts less than paintball

F4LLOUT 99 says:

I have a stock just like that on my airsoft gun

American Soldier says:

What your name

spasm_fingers * says:

I like the a5 better because it has a better hopper system

Randy Ikebe says:

Robert grow up and wilam

outdoors with Lewis says:

11.09 that is called compressed air.


Why would he want to cover up his face in a cloth? The only thing he is doing is covering up his face so it is even harder to breathe in that cheap mask.

Sean Tube20 says:

He kept calling paintballs bbs

LacedNation says:

Where you get the red dot

Liam Unnerstall says:

You called a paintball a B.B.

Ethan McCutcheon says:

why do you make a review on a marker that you don’t know half the stuff about it

Bryer Chrisco says:

Just one time do a good gun

Nick Woodman says:

Well spoken kid

Kai Kai says:

All of this is stuff you shouldn’t buy it is not a good deal and it just overall isn’t good

pewpewtime 07 says:

Not BBs and surpresier it is supreser


this gun is mad loud in person

Stephan Hill says:

All you people out there hating on this guy, you all are salty.You guys find every way to bring people down.Why are you guys even here???Nice video I subbed and liked


You should used compressed air. Co2 can ruin your gun

Robert Walker says:

you can’t use the light in paintball

pewpewtime 07 says:

You ninja bruh

Oliver Valdemar From Larsen 7 Ubberud Skole says:

14.14 ninja

American Soldier says:


Jose Huerta says:

Where did u get the red dot sight ?

Hminghlua FD GOD says:

How much does it cost??

Sunixio GD says:

A carry handle
It’s a sight dipshit

Riley Mitchamore says:

13:42 Aloha Snackbar

FaZe Ridge says:


GoldT124 R says:

Nicely Good

American Soldier says:


LiRR says:

Its not really tactical.last day i played with it, the paintballs sont have muxh velocity.i think it sucks

Matt Jones says:

Spoilt rich kid

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