Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun – Tactical Edition – Review

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Justin Benner says:

what type of barrel would you need if you would want to replace the stock one, a 98 custom or a A-5

Frank Bellacosa says:

I just bought this gun

Wonder Twins says:

Hey I’m new to paintball and I was wondering can you refill the air in your tanks or do you have to buy a new one. Also can you put a RIS sight on it or picatinny?

Gavin Waite says:

What lube should I use for my Tippmann Cronus Tactical?

Albert Cruz says:

Is there any way to make it automatic

]•Dude Rekkit106•[ says:

What’s the cheapest e trigger for this gun

Albert Einstein says:

What would we do if we wanted to put a bipod on it without it being so close to the handle?

W4VE says:

i want soo bad

Karlo Raos says:

is this good if i just want to use it when tehre are drunk people making noise sround my building or to scare of a cats fighting?

Brian Acost says:

Does this use compressed air or does it use co2

Billy Rose says:

Is this gun some what quiet?

Rozul 1234 says:

you need to buy the hooper apart?

daniel teruel says:

can you use compressed air in this gun ?

Cole Cunningham says:

I shot a bird with it

Austin Brown says:

I live in Canada, how would I buy this??

Potatoo Banana says:

How to buy this in United Arab Emirates

JaMeAs YaMeAs says:

Can this gun shoot .68 Caliber Paintballs??? If not, what size Paintballs does it shoot?

Reviews On What I Have 1.0 says:


Cory Garcia says:

How do u make it to a semi automatic Cs every time I have to clock it back to shoot

some alien dude ayy lmao says:

is paintball dead?

Wyatt Kalinowski Vlogs says:

I just won this gon

Infinity Listener says:

Which color looks the best! Like for tan, comment for forest green

Henrik Andersson says:

Whats the range on this gun?

James Williams says:

man i think this gun looks so ugly

fredo__2x_ says:


Dylan Evans says:

can you take the suppressor off in the future? like take it off later? my friend who has one was saying once its on, its on…

Kyle Skates says:

I got my gun and the barrel is slightly crooked any ideas how to fix it?

Jasmin Murillo says:

does it come with a hoper

POLERBEAR 168 says:

I am going to buy this one

Emperor Palpatine says:

Can you put an e- trigger used for the Tippmann 98 on this

Skyrimax says:

do a review on the spyder mx100 pro plz

Fabian Barber Inc says:

Got one of those with red dot scope

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