The awesome TMC TF3 Body Armor vest compliments any loadout, especially if you love that tacticool black look. Based on the body armor as seen in Transformers 3, Batman vs Superman, Agents of Shield, Arrow Deadshot and more!

Lightweight / Futuristic / MOLLE webbing / High Speed
Side-release Metal buckles / Adjustable web straps and fully adjustable shoulder straps for a tailored fit / Soft Plastic Pads Around the vest / 2 x Hard Polymer Rifle Magazine Pouches included with this specific model.

There are various models of this TF3 Body Armor/Armour vest available with numerous retailers listing them. Such as Evike, Helmet World, Redwolf Airsoft, E-Hobby Asia, Ebay, Amazon and more!

Prices in the UK £60 upwards.
Prices in the USA around $60.
Prices in Asia $46 upwards.

NOTE: Simulation only! Does not provide any protection in a real steel environment.

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K DOT says:

Being a huge transformers fan, this ticks EVERY box for me! Already own one and LOVE IT!

Thomas Bull says:

70K subs, congrats Mike 😀

Eden Mallul says:

get a battle belt!!

Rawr_Panda_ says:

So professional and congrats on 70k subs!! ( ^ω^ )。

PR3TZ3LB0Y says:

Airsoft Mike 4.0: He’s back. In black.

a6ftmexican lol says:

If anyone else is curious about what other movies this has been in, it’s briefly shown in Batman vs Superman in the “post apocalyptic” scene. Superman’s troops are clearly shown wearing this vest with some customization.

Homero Costas says:

hey mike, got myself one. Do you know if your having trouble aiming down your sight with the vest on? Or is it just wrong positioning of the rifle?

SirBeatle Juice says:

Do face reveal

tyler caelian says:

I love that title. Armor/armour

Harry Jackson says:

Could you review the G&G combat machine SRS

Typical Jager main says:

This loadout sexier than your main loadout

Airas Airsoft says:

I Love those Amobea Mid Cap Mags!

Lil Quantum Gaming says:

can I have a sniper rifle plz I’m a huge fan

super zodiac211 says:

tf3 as in transformers 3

qwertyman459 says:

it looks cool but lack of space, is a major con, and its the same price as a real good, molle vest, so for me its a no.but im glad that you like it, it looks great on you.

Super Super Hero says:

The upper chest plate is shaped like a skull

I need my white spray paint

HellRaiser777 says:

what you have is sick as fuck, I love it, but may I make some armor addition suggestions?

Dartfish says:

Hey Mike, what height do you recommend for this vest? I’m 18 and 5’4 so I don’t think it will fit me, but I just want confirmation.

Charile Camden says:

love you mike you are the best

Andrew Soutth says:

Buying this to make make it HDYBYZ

Corey Stephens says:

I think you should do a vid of u actually playing airsoft

M Derugen says:

Got mine a week ago and I’m still playing around with different ways to set it up. tricky but I like a good puzzle.

a6ftmexican lol says:

I’m so happy that you’re making a review on this vest, it’s super hard to actually find a good review (in English) on this vest.

Alkaline eSports says:

Hoverboots next I guess

HD SepticHolligon says:

how much money did this cost you in total?????

Hugh Jardon says:

I’m sure the LIMITLESS GEAR-opfor-fast mag , inverted on this vest would be the way forward

Sublime Shine Valeting says:

airsoft mike do you just play at sites down south or do you travel round to play?

Clustermarc's Airsoft & Airgun Reviews & More says:

HI Mike, hmm I think that’s one of the best looking vest I have seen to be honest and that vest and the G4 helmet would look awesome. lol I could imagine the guys faces at gun club if I walked in wearing the haha.
Happy shooting mate.
ATB Marc

FusionGames says:

Guys help quick, what’s the best GBB pistol on the market and most durable

Squishy panda Airsoft says:

Review the elite force 1911 tac!!!

Δxerre says:

With all this gear you can make à video on how to be an Airsoft tank

louis barrau says:

Will look awesome with the devtac ronin helmet

Will S says:

Congrats on 70,000 subs Mike!!
Also words cant describe how tacti-cool you look xD

Cole Wiley says:

I’m highly considering getting this vest with some M-14 mag pouches to replace my old vest that got the zipper shot off.

MrPingn says:

Congradulations on the subs. This would be too limiting for me but am curious for the review.

Mark Greenway says:

robomike and i do like

spaceagedpolymer says:

LOOKS AWESOME!!!! Keep up the stellar work!

Dirty penguins says:

ran with this loadout few year now mike love it .you may need a battle belt for other things but if you wish to run light this is the set up for you m8.i see to many airsofters carry lots of stuff they dont need all it does is wear you out quick better to run lighter an have the speed in my book .

the man in the suit says:

Do a advanced warfare Giddion loudout for airsoft


How did you get 70k?? I thought you had 40k yesterday

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