Top 10 Paintball Masks 2015

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Top 10 Paintball Masks 2015

Team TriniTy

Top 10 Paintball Masks 2015
Top 10 Paintball Masks 2015
Top 10 Paintball Masks 2015


zachary nelson says:

Sly profit anyone???

Vgyhbc Vbbn C says:

KLR is number 1

stupiddumbtard79 says:

the sly profit kinda looks a little like a jet fighter mask. so rad

Nico Alaniz says:

Vforce grillz should have been higher

Paul Castañeda says:

how about the Profiler??

B Smith says:

the first 3 masks should not have mad the list

Team TriniTy says:

@jacob laye,     i have used all 10

Connor Osborn says:

eflex should all count as one… and i honestly dont like i4’s i feel they are way too small i like my grillz and events

JeremyM says:

had 3 sets of eflex but didn’t put proflex in smh

spotjacob says:

Your retarded you have the eflex on here 3 times

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

ohhhh sir are you a dumbass

Unity Pulse says:

Angel eyes deserves a place on this list…

Dakota Baldwin says:

man I would’ve thought the grillz would’ve been right up there with the i4… I guess though you get to a point where its all about the users face and personal preference

Weber Wilson says:

Theres no performance difference between the different COSMETIC styles of E-flex

Wolf Lahti says:

There is nothing here to say why anyone should choose any of these. Worthless.

Corey Kelch says:

i like how the eflex’s took 8th, 5th and 3rd

DeepGaming says:

Music Pls

stupiddumbtard79 says:

the sly profit is so rad looking. I wish they would try to remake it with better ventilation. but try and keep the same aesthetics.

Jacob Rempel says:

Vforce grills should be 2

barrel tag paintball says:

the dye i4 mask is the best mask for paintball in the world right now

SealsRevenge says:

The HK KLR is my favorite PB mask

Fusion Paintball says:

HOW THE FUCK you put 3 Eflex in there they are the same FUCKING SHIT just in a different color bro I swear your channel is faker that Kim Kardashian all you do is get photos off Google and put some music at least learn your shit

Tim Vattakavanich says:

No V-Force Profiler? I have a feeling that this list goes by just how the mask “look” which in most case it a matter of personal opinion.

PB Monkey says:

More appropriate list, really just 5 great mask out there right now. Not one particularly better than the other either.
1- Pro/E-Flex
2 – Grillz
3 – VIO
4 – I4
5 – Profiler

Immnaasty Productions says:

2 is the i4 that’s good but personally I think v force grill should be 3rd

theSUPREMEone says:

Nice vid great job!

Dom Laich says:

why do the eflexs have 3 places? they are the same mask???

Paladin Prizma says:

Song – Kdrew Bullseye

iiVIP3R PLAYS says:

you’re just juging

Asher Tee says:

I got a dye i4

doctadrey3000 says:

would have been nice if you had actually listed why each mask is listed as is… otherwise its kind of a useless video catalog

freed1337street says:

Profilers? Are very comfortable easy to change lenses and have great field of vision…

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