What is the Best Face Protection for Airsoft?

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular options for face protection in airsoft; and discussing the pros and cons of each system.

Neoprene Mask: https://amzn.to/2Kik38s
Mesh Mask: https://amzn.to/2rCgS3K
Large Mesh Mask: https://amzn.to/2KgtrJG
One Tigris Foldable Mask: https://amzn.to/2IfBPZj
One Tigris Mask With Ear Protection: https://amzn.to/2Kg3ERN

Note: these are affiliate links. If you purchase the products listed above I receive I small percentage which helps me continue to make awesome videos just like this one!


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Chef Boyardee says:

I have the middle wide one and whenever I saw the one furtheset right I thought it was the same thing and wondered how the hell silo and others aim with it. didnt realize it was a face wrap with metal instead. eye opening

Juniorslothsix says:

i just got a one tigris and im about to buy another one

mens facial wax says:

tongue tie symptoms?

Ionix Fication says:

or just go balaclava like true man and not be little американское дерьмо

MrTango_ K3 says:


Aesthetic Deluxe says:

I try to run a Yugoslavian/Serbian loadout for Airsoft, so I run woodland BDUs, a Ushanka, a Balaclava, goggles, and either an iron mesh mask or a neoprene skull mask.

The Ushanka offers really, REALLY good ear and head protection. And the Balaclava gives really good neck and side of the head protection.

Bro Brah says:

tippmann tactical airsoft mask bro.

your friendly local airsofter/rider says:

lancer tactical has good masks

Jesus Christ Is LORD says:

Your intro sounds JUST like INFO WARS, do you watch it?

Marcell Kovács says:

He is blinking 4 times a second

Ricardo Bonfim says:


UnitedTryHard says:

“lower face packs” 9:07 lol I’m dead this dude cannot speak we all have those days

Oblivion says:

GREAT VID!!! but you forgot to mention plastic full face masks

Matúš Lukačka says:

Thank you man ! Im very appreciate your tips !

Jens says:

nice video man, keep up the good work

Benjamin Gooch says:

The worst shot I’ve had, is back of the ear. Immediately, like the next day, bought the one Tigris

Gurken Jesus says:

So do neoprene safes your teeth?

Antonín Trešl says:

I guess it’s about trying all in the field and choosing the right one.

William Parks says:

You’re really good with you’re presentation but you need to limit your crutch words. Your over use of “however” is a bit distracting. Overall though, good information discussed in a well thought out and well presented production. Keep it up!

Callsign:Fallout says:

I have a one Tigris foldable face mask with the ear protection and I love the mask but the ears just dont set right for me no matter how I size it

Sumae says:

Is it safe for my teeth to use those balaclavas made for skiing?

Lane Hodges says:

Hello again lane

h.s says:

Why don’t people use the one Tigris mask with ear protection instead of the normal one, the ear protection ones offers more protection without giving up cheek weld or anything of that nature?

Diamond Playz says:

The very first mask you can get for even cheaper at flea markets and they are the same exact things

Oh Yeah, Yeah. says:

We done airsoft and we just made up hand signals .

OP Sensai Airsoft says:

Dye face mask best.

h.s says:

Should I use a hat or helmet for a mesh/goggle setup?

jacky says:

Ive been using the one tigris one ever since ive started airsoft (almost 1 year) and its the best one if you want to go for a comfortable mesh mask. Definitely worth the money

Nathan Cheung says:

I cut the middle section from a mesh mask and sewed it into my thin balaclava. Works really well and it’s really low profile

Jonathan Ellis says:

So with the OneTigris, is there any kind of setup that would allow me to clip the face mask onto my bump helmet?

Marc Kramer says:

No face protection is the best dont be a pussy

Caden Caden says:

Dye is cancer, mesh is cancer. Balaclava only.

Yung Ozzwald says:

I use a balaclava and goggles, and it’s better than my mesh mask or full face mask. It’s breathable and allows sound to travel, but still cushions a BB to where it won’t hurt your teeth or make or lip bleed.

in_signia says:

What’s your take on wearing balacava or scarf over a mesh mask?

Pavlos Pavlakos says:

dye i5

Erica Vaughn says:

You talk to mutch it was boring

saki teko says:

Y do u look like tom cruise

Urban airsoft 17 says:

It hurts like hell getting hit in the neck

Luk tra says:

Get a mouth guard

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