What is the Best Paintball Gear? Beginner Paintball Show

Mask Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LayoAAlAGJ8
Hopper show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv3AxDYuqfA
Tank Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIsbQz2fgVE

Second channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TIPaintballCommunity


Colton Grimes says:

He named my setup when he said the G3 setup

Jay & Aar Vlogs says:

This is my setup
Marker: dye nt11
Hopper: dye r2
Mask:dye 14

AllAlongTheWatchtower says:

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner and I’m looking to get a relatively nice speedball kit. I’ve picked out the things I want but would love recommendations or changes anyone would like to make. For the gun I’m gonna get a Proto rize maxxed. I would love a mini gs, axe or e4 but I’m kinda on the max my budget can allow. If the rize is really that much worse than the mini or axe I would be willing to save a bit more for it. For the hopper I’m going for a halo too because it’s nice and cheap as well a a force feeder. For the air tank I chose a ninja 45/4500 carbon fiber tank. I wanted this because of how light and efficient it is. And finally for the mask I chose a dye i4 for the anti fog lense. How’s my setup? Could it use anything else?

Space Ops 7 says:

You rant way too much in all your videos. repeat yourself like 12 times say what you gotta say and wrap it up.

Eight says:

ur teribble stop doing yt, im happy i used adblock

juhheli says:

Sooo.. Get a used hopper and tank, get a good mask, and get a gog enmey?

Jay & Aar Vlogs says:

And dye i4

Keiran W says:

Having a good mask is essential! I know that from experience because I went to play using my Proto Rize and I couldn’t see anyone because I had a rental mask. It overall ruined my experience. Because of this I’m looking at buying a Dye i5, VForce Grill, or Empire EVS.

Solid GamingHD says:

Is the azodin Blitz 3, good for beginners?

Jack Tyler says:

How do we get the gun

DukeCityPaintball says:

My stupid friend: Empire Axe, $5 hopper, 13/3000 tank, $20 Walmart mask. Me: Jt Proflex, Ninja 68/4500, Halo Too, and a Tippmann Gryphon. And I run all over him with my Tippmann. Thanks, Jake!

Mason Smith says:

proto rail or 2015 etha

FaZe Mouse says:

I have a gravity fed hopper for my pump


My beginner setup is an axe halo too 68/45 and a grill 🙂

Edward Uchiha says:

This is a great video! Thanks alot bro

PandaIsOffcial says:

I have a cheap mask I can see and breathe I put deodorant on my mask and it doesn’t fog.

Axel Pane says:

These eugenes tho

Red Kiwiz says:

Dude he’s studering soooooo much

Mac Haughey says:

What should I upgrade from here:
– Empire Scion Hopper
-Empire Event Mask
– Ninja 45/3000
– Dye Proto Rize
– Tactical vest w/6 Pod

Kracken667 says:

I have a i5 a 260 spire a ninja tank and a azodin kaos

Strom Hawkins says:

The amount of pointless talking made me not want to watch this video

Travy Harrington says:

Bob long guns presser is ment to be low they say it all the time

BaseballHeatVlogs says:

Who wld buy a 80$ – 200$ mask? That’s just a waste of money. I have a JT mask that I bought for about 35$ and it works great.

FaZe Mouse says:

I have a sly profits how do y’all feel about that I don’t think they’re bad

Fast as Fuq boi says:

Screw Ryan Greenspan go J Rab

Jacob Camacho says:

dumbass bitch

Ethan Gutierrez says:

what is the gun in the video

Francisco Ruiz says:

what gun I can buy with 300$??? plz response

ToxicTheOne says:

$90 what can I get

The god Of all chicken says:

When I first got my gun I had a di4 and old dm7 dye rotor and a 6845 it was a great set up

live2 dabble says:

fell like this could have been explained in half the time. overall good ideas but not a good explanation

Paintball Master says:

i have a halo too what should be my next hopper upgrade

Lord Fallen says:

Not going to lie I just watch videos like this for fun. for a 1500 budget I stretched a bit and got pretty much top of the line things. I got an Empire axe Pro, empire EVS with a spare lens, dye rotor R2, Ninja carbon fiber SL, empire hex pod pack, some cheap pods, and paintball pants. no reason to get all of this when starting but at the same time I just wanted to get it all right away and upfront.

Xdrone128 says:

Got a used rotor for 75$ shipped on ebay

Geeboon Paintball says:

This has nothin to do with being a beginner dude, A steal 4500 psi tank, and a normal non electric hopper is find on somthing like a Tippman custom 98. Which is perfect for rec ball in the woods, something beginners play. You shouldn’t expect people to spend over 1500$ when they are just starting out, paintball is somthing that can be enjoyed costly as well as affordable. Now I do agree with you about the mask, it’s the most important piece of equipment. But you can get a V-Force profiler for under 70$.

BossFight52 says:

Is the dye ltr good??

Daniel cruz says:

where do you buy your used equipment?

Indicafatbud says:

bro, dont hate me beacuse i only use a bycicle 😉

Unbuilt Cloud511 says:

nice advice

Jay & Aar Vlogs says:

Or an azodin zenith 3

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