What Is The Best Strapless Paintball Harness?

➖ Harnesses & Packs ➖
Bunker Kings Supreme v5 Harness ➡ https://amzn.to/2MdzaEY
HK Army Zero G Harness ➡ https://amzn.to/2vlEgoY
Carbon CC Harness ➡ https://amzn.to/2M5sCYN
Carbon SC Harness ➡ https://amzn.to/2nf6VY2
GI Sportz Race 2.0 Harness ➡ https://amzn.to/2ANLRlb

By no means are strapless packs new, they go all the way back to the JT Slammer Pack from early 2000s.

We are going to look at the Bunker Kings Supreme v5 Harness, Carbon CC Harness, Carbon CS Harness, GI Sportz Race 2.0 Harness and the HK Army Zero G Harness.


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Virtue Spire III ➡ http://amzn.to/2AyCV2N
Vforce Profiler ➡ http://amzn.to/2qOJGUL
Bunker Kings Supreme Harness ➡ http://amzn.to/2qN4H2U

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Luke Johnson says:

What do you think about maddog

nflguy10 says:

My first zero g pack literally lasted me 3 years. I only got a new one because the elastic for the straps was wearing out

BCriv says:

#PBQT I’ve recently been wanting to get into speedball, is there anything I should know/do when getting into speedball?

mark ade says:

That KAPP Jersey in the back! who else remembers them?

Kai Kai says:


Ramen says:

What’s the intro song

George Hornak says:

The race pack is good because ive played for 2 years with that pack and cuts

OakWizard69 says:

I am looking for a tournament style marker under $500 that I will run with a lvl. What is the difference between the ETEK5 and the GTEK. Or if I should just get an Axe 2.0.

Jake Santiago says:

#PBQT This is an expensive idea: custom Jersey versus video. Purchasing a custom PBRML Jersey from different companies (ie. Raza, Ruthless, HK, Anthrax, Jerseys Clinic, UNDR, and Ruthless) to see the durability, quality, affordabilit, and customization options. Would this video be doable?

Matt Wright88 says:

Would like to see smaller companies packs like undr … or at least mention them great paintball gear made in the usa

MrFrankRocco says:

Hey man thanks for what you do. You are one of the better reviewer’s on youtube, in general. Not just paintball. Keep doing your thing.

AlbertTheGreat17 says:

I was really close to buying the gi harness but realized the back support was just a weird hard piece. Didn’t think that would feel good so I passed on it.

Ki Schoebel says:

#pbqt do you think that paintball shorts will be a thing in the future I live in CA so I often don’t wear my pants

Dulliest says:

Absolutely love my BK Pack!

omarlee says:

as a pump player, would these hold 50rd pods well? i currently own the empire fast pack you showed in the beginning of the video.but since they dont have individual sleeves,it makes putting in short pods a hassle ..

Dillon Mitri says:

Could we get a review on HK tfx 2?

Nick Tass says:

Make a top 5 pants

Random PB says:

Virtue Elite Pod Pack is my favorite pod pack

Erick Hernandez says:

These videos help out waaaaaayy more rather then getting shot up 100✖️ #velocity #support

double says:

At the end, in the top 5 list, you put carbon CS pack instead on SC

Jeremi Powell says:

#pbqt are dangerous power guns any good. Also thoughts on ICC

Young Simbahh says:

Brad ur title says whats is and not what is

Ki Schoebel says:

Wow brad you are up late

Theo Welsch says:

hi brad I have a question, I need a new set up i am on a slight budget i currently have a spyder shutter and a grav fed so what should i get? pbqt

Eric Crookston says:

Bunkerking pack is without a doubt the champ. Race 2.0 is hot garbage.

WestonL 131 says:

Thumbs up for honest reviews

Christopher Raymond says:

#PBQT If I had a case of blue-fill paint that suddenly became mine, where could I use it? Living in the Norcal/Sacramento area.

J Will says:

Undr Strapless pack is awesome

Ethan Velivlis says:

#PBQT I have an Etek 5, my brother has a G5 Spec-r, and my friend has an Etha 2. We all think ours is better than the others’ guns. Which do you prefer?

Oden Max says:

Thanks for doing this. I’m STILL using my Redz Comfort Gear 4+1 and have been thinking about a strapless option for a long time.

robert hammerle says:

I love my HK ZeroG it’s the most comfortable pack I’ve used yet

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