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Paintballing is a great way to spend time with friends, get some exercise, and you might even get an adrenaline rush in the process. If you are new to paintballing, it is important that you know what to wear. It is the best way to avoid a painful sting when you are shot. It is also a good way to avoid the painful, dark colored bruises that you can get if you don’t wear the proper attire.

Padded Upper Body Protection

If you are going paintballing in a t-shirt, you are making a big mistake. If you get shot in the arm, back, or chest, you are going to want to have a great deal of padding. You should start with a long sleeve t-shirt, and if you have a second one, put it on. You should top it off with a hooded sweatshirt. If you are going paintballing in the winter on a cold day, count your blessings. This will give allow you to wear a winter coat without sweating too much. When you are putting on your layers, make sure they are loose, You don’t want to restrict your movements on the field.

Padded Lower Body Protection

When it comes to your lower body, you need just as much protection as you do on your upper body. You should start with one or two pairs of loose-fitting sweatpants. The baggier and thicker the better. You are going to need to roll around, kneel down, and crawl. You want to make sure that your pants are loose enough to do these things. If you have a loose fitting pair of jeans, you should wear them on top of the sweatpants. If not, the two pairs of pants will have to do.

Head Protection

You need to keep your head protected at all times. Paintballs go through the air at 280 feet per second, which is equal to 200 miles per hour. Because this can be so dangerous, you want to wear a helmet and a face mask that is designed for paintballing. To add additional protection, wear a hood, winter hat, or a fitted hat underneath your helmet.

Hand Protection

If you are going paintballing, you need to protect your hands. If they are exposed and you are shot, it will hurt a lot. If you don’t have the money to purchase a pair of gloves that are specially made for paintballing, gardening gloves or lite duty mechanic gloves will work just as well.


When it comes to footwear, anything that is not a sandal or an open toe shoe will work fine. Some people choose to wear sneakers, while other wear hiking boots or cleats. It is a good idea to avoid wearing your best shoes paintballing. If you get shot in the foot, they won’t be your best shoes anymore.
Neck and Groin Protection
Getting shot in the neck can be very painful. To protect yourself, you should wear a turtle neck or a bandanna around your neck. While shots to the groin are rare, they do happen and they are incredibly painful. It is a good idea to wear a cup to protect yourself.


While what you wear is important to prevent being hurt, you should also consider the color of your clothing. The best way to keep from getting shot is if the other players cannot see you. Yu should wear camouflaged clothing and other colors that will blend into the environment.

Paintballing is a great way to spend the day as long as you know what to wear. If you wear the proper attire, you can avoid the stinging, painful feeling when you are hit.

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