What to wear to play paintball for the first time.

Going to play paintball for the first time? Or have some friends who are new to paintball going to play? Here’s a bit about what to wear and bring for your first outing. We get asked all the time what a new player should bring and this video made by our friends at DerDer explains it very well so we wanted to share.

Experienced Players: share this video with your friends and get them out to play the game we all love. New players can check out PbNation’s New Player forum to ask questions or learn more about paintball: http://www.pbnation.com/forumdisplay.php?f=16


RangerClose911 says:

“Avoid shorts” shirtless paintball is best paintball

Vodexi says:

6 years later. But do you just wear Leisure clothes? Because I am a bit nervous wearing casual clothes and I’m not sure if they actually provide you with Overalls or anything.

Icrazyfish08 says:

If I was dressed comfortably, I would just be wearing a t shirt.

chris upton says:

I have never played should you where a cup as well and do the paint balls hurt if they hit you

GTAbloodgang 4 life says:

this helps a lot i am going to play paintball today

Dominik King says:

Watched this just to see how cringy this was

Paint_ Baller14 says:

All rental stuff sucks


I remember the first time I played I just had a t shirt and shorts

Dunkmaster Darius says:

*how to look like a noob*

Adam Suleiman says:

I going to a paintball game Saturday May 6.
it’s my first time
wish me luck!!! 🙂

Purple Jak says:

“Paintball fields all over the world”
Shows North Korea training simulator

HD Weird OFFICIAL Pojun says:

Imagine a soldier plays paintball.Damn that guy so good at shooting bro.

Wolven Apex says:

that’s a jacket not a hoodie. hoodies are not easily removed

Garrett Cremeans says:

Ok first those things hurt like hell and I will never paintball again unless I’m wearing all armor last time I went paint balling I got shot in the neck!

Cactus says:

The world is not America.

Spencer Grilli says:

on a scale of one to ten, how much does it hurt to be shot by most paintball markers

Erwin Smith says:

Lmao, I always run a 350 usd gun with short pants, short shirt, and a beanie. There is no reason to buy a jersey, pants however, if you play hyper all or speedball, use good paintball pants so you can slide.

Cyanide YT says:

Does it hurt when you get it? im really looking into playing paintball

1mattbrit says:

I’ve played paintball so much… how did i end up here?

Josiah Rivera says:

I wore a no zipper hoodie sweatpants and a beanie lol

BaconGamer88 says:

Going paintballing today, so thanks!

Tyler Richardson says:

the fist time I went to play I wore a short sleeve shirt and pants

Austin Schlatter says:

From experience,BRING A TOWEL. when you get bursted in the mask on your mouth, and you have your mouth open, …. well you can imagine, but getting paint off your visor is a pain with a hoodie sleeve XD

Zeldatag123 says:

I guess wearing only a t-shirt, shorts, and the mask/goggles is unsafe? I play like that. :/

iron golem 101 says:

I personally bring some old towels to throw on the seat, much easier than changing

Jade_Dragon _Gaming says:

i have a Gen X global tactical backpack. its big and i need to know if i can use it in a game?

Daniel Richwalski says:

Don’t worry too much about wearing layers if you’re not playing somewhere cold, once your adrenaline is going the only places that hurt when you get hit are the top of your head, your neck, your hands and your stomach if you don’t wear a pod pack.

Richard Rounce says:

great video!

MRG. Elements Rust - & More says:

I’m going to my friends paintball thingy tomorrow

Get this channel to 100 subs with no videos says:

I’m gonna wear 2 long sleeve t shirts a hoodie and ghuillie suit

Red Prophet says:

I wish I could play Paintball 🙁 .
Too bad there don’t seem to be any groups around 🙁 .

Also, there are some companies organizing paintinball events but they all seem to be militarist types – ruins, fatigues, ugh :/ .

Vopan Plays says:

plz tell me where to put my phone while playing

hacked boy says:

My first time paintballing I wore a T-shirt AMD a pair of shorts not the worst mistake I made

Jakob Nyhem says:

Can i remove the paint from the cloth I wearing?

samuel kelbrick says:


Miller The chiller says:

Where I go they give me a free helmet to use

Vernian says:

I know there new players, but I get salty when they peek their heads out of the top of the bunker instead of out the side.

Metallica Avenged Me Sevenfold says:


NAME says:

Orrrrr you can be like me and make some armor . maybe out of wood or some strong plastic. But it works wonders in preventing injury

Djplays 95 says:

Ahaha went to my first game in a tank top and shorts

Anthony 123 says:


Devonplayzgames says:

also with the baseball cap when you wear it backwards it protects your neck, just in case if your playing on a large map and someone gets behind you.

Luis Ayala says:

So what kind of equipment is good and affordable for first time ???

VlogDay W/ Nate says:

Helped a lot thanks just subbed

CanadianMapleGamer says:

Buy a paintball mini gun

Jadentheperson says:

0:15 please tell me that’s not a brass eagle gun

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