Where hurts the most to be shot by a paintball gun?!

This video is a not so serious video that mentions some places that hurt the most to be shot at and explains how to protect yourself at those spots. via YouTube Capture


Peter the Outcast says:

Dont forget youre dick

TheZanzou says:

Knuckle was the first place i took a paintball hit, 0 pain, was expecting it to be a lot worse but was just the slight impact followed by wet paint sensation. Looking at a tattoo pain chart will give you a rough idea of where to expect the worst pain though as it shows which places are typically more sensitive than others.

Farkasinszky Ádám says:

0:25 are u OK?

Everything Artist says:

dude i saw the picture and almost threw up! Ewwww

Tyler Jandreau says:

It depends who you are, some people can tolerate pain better than others. And if anything, getting hit in the crotch is the worst!

Ethan Harris says:

I got shot in the kidney with a frozen paint ball when I was like 8

RegisteredGamer says:

I was crouching down on top of a hill and 4 guys flanked us and I got shot in the balls twice.. Wearing loose shorts mite I add… I’m not a fagot, I don’t use armor when I go extreme paint-balling. Chrono @ 300 So it’s not so bad.

Blakey BOY says:


davehorn230 horn says:
Lexi Solorzano says:

I love you all

T.Watcher says:


Emmalyn Playz says:


short sighteddog says:

Neck and nuts gotta cause blood curdling screams of death and momma!

funnyannalee cruz says:

you talk too much

Mandy shiffer says:

F you

Shannon Ford says:

this is weird

bill smith says:

The right nut,thats where it hurts the most to get hit by a paintball.

- Ferret - says:

The worst place to get shot is the ear.

H.Cruzz10 says:

When I got shot on my inner thigh my balls clenched up

super sans says:


Nicole Parsons says:


Jacob Buchanan says:

I’m wearing a cup while playing woodsball


fuck this redneck hick country racist nigger fuck

Valeria Luna says:

I got here by Alex channel to

lidia martinez says:


abdallah alwy says:

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Immnaasty Productions says:

I got shot in the neck the first time I went paintballing

Preston Devlin says:

ive found the back hurts like a bitch.

Viviano says:

your balls

Adriana Moreno says:


Clash Clans says:

vid made in 2014, but quality of a 2004 vid

james sowers says:

My friend got shot 4 times in the stomach 2 went off and 2 didn’t

Mike Roberts says:

you just itched your butt

Will Shapiro says:

depends how long you’ve played paintball, I’ve been playing for 12 years and it doesn’t hurt at all, and i play speedball

Luis Pelayo says:

i can think of a bad place to get shot the private

Symetric Chaos says:

What about the junk dosent that hurt like heck.

Rdd Warrior says:

The throat hurts a lot

Mute123bye says:


Tori Bouse says:

Me and my dad were playing paintball and he shot me in the back and there was a pile if unbroked paintballs. But the one that got me out was in the back of the neck

dankest soup says:

I got shot point blank in my asshole

DJ V0LTAGE says:

“They maaaaakkkeee fooooool hailmets for paintbail” “in the neiick” lmao i love the accent! Sounds like a cowboy 🙂

Tanner Gaming/ vlogs says:

Aaaaaaa that must to hrut

JustinGamingAndVlogs Lee says:

Me too

King Chibot says:

I’ve had one bounce of my ribs, back and that shit hurt like hell. Also I got hit in the back of the neck.

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