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A quick review of the Midnight Paintballs by Procaps

How G.I. Paintballs are Made – Greatness isn’t given. Greatness is earned. Greatness is hard work built on years of trial, education and dedication. Greatness is a conscious decision to go the extra mile and rise to every challenge, welcoming every opportunity to improve. G.I. Sportz makes the world’s greatest paintballs because that’s how we […]

Can one review 10 year old paintballs? You can if they’re NITRO DUCK PAINTBALLS!!! YEAH!

DO NOT TRY AT HOME! In this episode of Bro Labs my friend Mark and I get shot with rubber paintballs in order to find out whether or not normal paintballs cause more damage. This is a crazy paintball experiment, so please do not try at home! Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/houstonwjones/?hl=en Follow me on […]

AIRSOFT PAINTBALL BB’S?! | 6mm PAINTBALLS! | PAINTBALLS FOR AIRSOFT!: I hope you guys enjoyed the video! These little BB’s were so fun to try out and use! It was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend trying them out since they’re only $5! GET THE PAINTBALL BB’S HERE: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HYRLOGQ/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00HYRLOGQ&linkCode=as2&tag=airsof0b-20&linkId=822d86b5e84a8622209f95272d7fa3f3 MY CAMERA USED IN […]

Testing out the Hellfire Paintballs. Yes, they are as good as Redwolf Airsoft made em sound! This ain’t some bull paintballs that break inside your gun causing a mess. These things are… Speedloader ready. AEG ready. Gas blow back ready. Al but spring. In this video I show the use of the Hellfire fired out […]

Now Available on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/920854285/goblies-hand-thrown-paintballs Goblies are a mix between a paintball and a water balloon. Goblies are painless like water balloons and they splat the target with color like paintballs. The encapsulating shell is made from natural food based ingredients – not plastic, so users do not have to pick up the remains. They […]

These are messy but fun. You have to really peg someone for them to explode open but they’re awesome! Definitely do it outside and wear clothes your mom won’t freak out over.

We had a blast playing with Goblies! They are throwable paintballs that you can wash off when you are done. They were definitely sticky and messy, but that’s what made it fun. All of the paint washed off our clothes when we were done.. AND our hair! Please subscribe to our channel to see more […]

Sponsors of this video: http://www.valken.com http://www.empirepaintball.com http://www.apollopaintball.co.uk This is a video review on the Valken Redemption tournament grade paintball’s. In the video we do a round test, to ensure a spherical shape of the paintball’s. An accuracy test, shooting 100 paintball’s, at 40ft, 60ft, 80ft, 100ft. And finally we did a drop test, dropping 5 […]

Do the Gen-X Z-Balls Suck? Check out this video to find out. Media inquiries email us: media@defconpaintball.com Visit our online store http://defconpaintballgear.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/defconpaintball Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/defconpaintball Follow us on Instagram @defconpaintball Check out our fields http://defconpaintball.com Send mail to: Defcon Paintball 3550 Victoria Park Ave Unit #2-1 Toronto, Ontario, […]

To get a case of these Valken VPC or Tango Paintballs visit: https://www.ansgear.com/Valken_Paintballs_s/6628.htm For more great paintball and airsoft products and accessories check out https://www.ansgear.com/Valken_Paintballs_s/6628.htm

To get a case of these HK Army Tournament Paintballs visit: https://www.ansgear.com/HK_Army_Tournament_Paintballs_s/6539.htm For more great paintball and airsoft products and accessories check out www.ansgear.com

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This PBQT is going to be all about paintballs! ◼️ Question 1 – What types of paintball are best of types of paintball guns? Between high, mid, low end guns what types of paintball are best of those? ◼️ MrCrankyNYC- What paint brand do you think is the most consistent in size and quality? ◼️ […]

Complements of The Discovery Channel and edited for BRA Paintball.

Straight outta Quebec Canada, this is a review of the new Daggerz Paintballs produced by GI Sportz for Social media and paintball luminary Bear Degedio.

My first unboxing video I would rate the paintballs a 2 star

DEFY Paintballs have been gaining attention as a quality paintball that doesn’t cost a lot. I decided to try a couple of their different grades out and made a video so you could get an idea of what they offer. With 3 grades and 4 distinct types of paintballs, DEFY is trying hard to get […]

A demonstration of the accuracy differences between the Tiberius First Strike Round vs the .68 paintball. 10 shots of both the first strike and .68 paintballs at a human torso target at 30 yards. Test conducted with a Tiberius T15 fitted with a 14 inch J&J ceramic barrel. If you like the video please subscribe […]

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